Friday, March 6, 2015

Faves for Friday

I have to admit, y'all: this week has probably been the best week I've had since being home full time. Sure, it may not seem like it with my constant whining, but I feel better about this week. It's a big deal, and I'm feeling really happy!

A Few highlights from my week: 
:: I haven't had to watch neighbor kids everyday this week. The one day that I did need to watch them, all 4 kids (mine and the neighbor's) were in rare form, so I'm thankful it was just one day.

:: Zander is getting to be more creative with his artwork. He didn't used to care for drawing and painting & now he has amazing creations like this

:: I managed to knock one off of my Fifteen in 2015. I tried the Avovado Mashed Potatoes, and holy cow they were delish! They pair really well with turkey meatloaf!

:: I felt really good about all of my posts this week. That honestly hasn't happened in awhile!

:: I got a lot organized in my house. Call it spring cleaning. Call it boredom and me needing to keep busy. Whatever it was, my house looks AH-MAZING!

:: Getting to talk to bloggy friends on the phone. Props to Faith, Kristyn, and Anne for having nice long conversations with me even with noisy kids in the background! I'm a people person and I crave interaction with others so being able to talk with them about just random just stuff this week has really made me soo happy!

:: Super sweet texts from other bloggy friends about my post on Faith's blog on Wednesday for her Overcoming Insecurities series! It was tough for me to write, but I'm SO glad I did! Y'all are the best!

And while those were my favorite parts of the week, I had a few favorite blog posts as well! Since it's been a few weeks that I've linked up with Meagan, I figured this week was a perfect week to come back!
All the Joys - Blogger Love
Linking up with Meagan

+ Emily / Ember Grey was a guest at Best Kept Self. Her post about Parenting Yourself was really incredible. If you have kids or not... or even if your kids are fur babes... this list is something great to think about throughout your day-to-day.

+ Kendra / Kenji is Here : You know when life just gets to be too much and you need to take a break? Well, Kendra did just that. She gave herself a Me Time Vacation. LOVE this idea.

+ Meagan / All the Joys : The Timing is Right. I really needed to read this more than I knew. A key reminder that time with your spouse  is important!

+ Cassie / Sage : 5 Tips for Building Community on Instagram. I love instagram. If I'm not on twitter, I'm on inta. Cassie's tips are really helpful to make sure you get the most out of it!

+ Kerri / HKB : Why She Won't Follow you on Twitter. I actually learned something about twitter from this post. So not only was it well written, it was informative too. Win/ Win!

+ Kristyn / Chits & Giggles : No Bean Veggie Enchiladas. I love veggie anything, and I love that beans can be added to this if you desire. This looks So good. Just go check out all the yummy veggies Kristyn used!!

And with that, I hope y'all have a great weekend!
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  1. Thanks for the shout-outs! Our phone calls have been fun and I'm sorry I missed you last night. We were at dinner when you called - I had to tell Jeremy all about my fun work stuff that happened this week. Woo hoo!

  2. lol no worries! I was in the middle of making dinner, so I figured that's probably where y'all were since it was about that time. hehe. :) YAY for fun work stuff!

  3. So great that you have had a good week! Also monster painting? YES.

  4. lol YES! Monster painting is always a good idea.

  5. I love his painting. Seriously so sweet. I need to try those mashed potatoes! And you listed some of my favorite blog posts from the week!

  6. I just wanted to paint monsters. I LOVE IT.

  7. haha he cracks me up! Whenever he brings home new art from school, he always shows it to me then shows where he wrote his name on it. so funny!

  8. thanks! He's pretty cool! :) very creative! And YES those mashed potatoes were SO GOOD!

  9. How cute is that artwork?! Thanks for sharing. You have a great roundup of posts today!

  10. it made me really happy to read that you're feeling happier and had such a great week! well done on organizing the house too-i need to make that happen!

  11. Yayy, thanks for the mention girl :) My task this weekend is to rip apart my bedroom and closet in hopes to reorganize it a little. Lord help me LOL

  12. my next task at hand is to find some cheap scrapbooking books to organize kid artwork! currently it's in a yucky pile on our bookcase in the living room. and you're welcome! :)

  13. thanks sweetie! :) I still have a ways to go with organizing. It's amazing how much clutter accumulates around the house when BOTH people work full time and we only clean the basics. Our laundry room looks amazing now. I'd like to get a curtain or something for it though since it's in the kitchen dining area and just kind of out of place. oh well. I'll get there eventually.

  14. of course!! :) and good luck with ripping stuff apart. that's what I've been doing all week. luckily I haven't gotten ADHD about it and stayed to one task at hand... I EVEN ALPHABETIZED the dvd's

  15. You are such a great sponsor/blogger friend to soooooo many! Happy to know your beautiful soul! xoxo

  16. P.S. I am also beyond happy that you are doing so well and feeling so happy! So very much deserved! xoxo

  17. I love the artwork! Save as many as you can and then take pictures of everything else so you can look back!