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So, my best friend Amanda called me up one day and told me that I should start blogging. That I have a life worth blogging about. She set everything up: the design, the pages, just all the things. That blog was called Crazy Camp Camacho. I can't link you to it because Google decided one day that my blog, nay, my entire Google account attached to that blog, was not cool and deleted it. Yep. For no reason. So I started again, with a new name: The Rambling Llama. Why did I choose that? Well way back in the day (like waaaaaaay back) I introduced Amanda to the Llama Song. Never heard it? Go listen here. I'll wait....

Hilarious right? Well turns out, it's been my ringtone in her phone for for-like-ever. Plus, I ramble. And there you have it folks. The Rambling Llama.

A lot has changed since June of 2014, but you can get caught up here, here, and here.

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DIY Bed Rail (for kids)

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