Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blogging Without Internets

Ok... So... Wow. Getting back into this thing has been harder than I realized. I'm all moved into my new place. I totally don't have internet though, so I'm writing this at my local starbucks. Hence the name of this post. Yep. I'm one of THOSE people. It's strange being alone. Like, really strange. But things are slowly falling into place. I love it, and it's all mine, and that's all that matters.

I still have so much to say. So much to explain. But I kind of feel like since it's been SO long since I've been around here, I'm just going to fill you in with a currently.

Currently With the Llama... 

|| Listening to: Say it Ain't So, Weezer. I'm listening to pandora while at starbucks because the music over the loud speakers is kind of annoying. Thanks to my Twenty One Pilots radio, I have enjoyable music. This particular song makes me smile a lot. Pandora is random but every now and then they really do a stellar job in throwing out songs that put me in a good mood.

|| Eating: not much lately. I know... I'm horrible. I have food for the kids at the apartment, but my diet has really gone down hill. I need to figure out a better routine for me.

|| Drinking: Venti Java Chip Frap. because, star bucks. If I'm not getting a white chocolate peppermint mocha, this is what I'm getting. It's nice out here today, so this is perfect.

|| Feeling: alll the feels. In one way I'm excited. I went public on social media about a relationship I'm in. It's someone I've known for ten years, and it's absolutely one of those things that "just sort of happened". Neither of us planned it, but both of us are glad things happened the way they did.

|| Needing: More sleep. Y'all. I kid you not, if you saw my Jawbone sleep patterns, you would want to shake me. I have been going to bed after midnight and waking up after 6. Some nights I only get 4 hours of sleep. It's bad. Part of it is trying to get used to sleeping alone in a new place.

|| Thinking: about Friday morning. This week I'm going to the social security administration to get my name changed back to Hardin. If you follow me on snapchat, you probably saw the #HelloHardin. I'm not gonna lie, this has been one thing I'm super excited about that has come from this divorce. I feel like it's a way for me to really get closure that this divorce is really real. Now if someone could just tell my ex that he doesn't need to try and call and text ALL the time anymore. Help.

|| Enjoying: My new design. Seriously, y'all Amanda is just the BEST. We talked about upgrading the look of my blog, and she really did the best job. I feel like it looks more grown up.

|| Looking Forward To: This weekend. It's a kid free weekend. Which I hate. But a co worker of mine is throwing a viewing party for the new season of Kimmie Schmidt! I'm obsessed with that show, I cannot wait for the new season. I'm glad I have friends in my life with internets and netflix that I can bum off of. I'm gonna have to get permissions to blog about this party though, because her food ideas and the whole party is just going to be too cute.

So... in a nut shell that's what's going on.
If anyone wants to fly into Atlanta to help decorate my new place, please feel free. What's going on with y'all currently? I haven't been around to actually reading other blogs yet. Baby steps.

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