Saturday, August 30, 2014

Holiday Overload... Already!

OK... so we've all seen the Halloween decor start to show up in the stores already, right? The pumpkin flavor everything, the cinnamon scented brooms, witch hats, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love everything about fall, and I especially LOVE everything about Christmas! (In case y'all forgot... my birthday is ON Christmas, and yes it rocks)
What I don't love is the fact decorations and advertising start so stinking early. Like, Halloween stuff started showing up in stores maybe a week after Zander started school.

Here's why:
// I have kids.

 More specifically: I have young kids. Kids have zero sense of time. Zero. So when Halloween and/or Christmas decorations start going up, the four year old starts begging to go trick or treating. Or, they start begging to see Santa Claus. I'm sorry y'all but I cannot make a paper chain for everything. We did one to count down to the first day of school, but I'm not about to spend a fortune on paper for chains. I already get bombed with advertisements on TV for the latest toy or gadget. And yes, Zander has already started the whole "Mommy! I have/need/want to have *fill in the blank with awesome new toy*" So as parents we usually play off with "well, maybe you need to ask Santa" for something that shows up after his birthday (and then write down the request to actually remember for "Santa"). I'm not sure if all kids have amazing memories like Zander, but this kids remembers everything. Especially if I told him "ask Santa for new ninja turtle slippers for Christmas". When he starts seeing signs of anything related to the holiday, well dangit obviously it's time to see Santa, Mommy! [face/palm]. I just can't handle it. Granted this is Ainsley's first year where she MIGHT actually get excited about something, but it's doubtful.

// One Holiday at a time, please!


If it's Sept 17 and we haven't even gotten to Halloween, I do NOT want to see a single reindeer or stocking. And if you're wondering: yes, I have seen Christmas decor in September, especially at the malls. So to the marketing genius that thought people want to plan ahead and have to see Santa to remind them: you're wrong. I know Christmas is Dec 25. I know Halloween is Oct 31. They're on the same day every year. I don't need a reminder in my face three months ahead of time.

// I want to feel excited.

 Because of the above mentioned reason, I tend to feel less excited when it does get closer to the holiday it's supposed to be. I don't know if it's because I'm an adult or because the decor being out for too long. I feel like it's the decorations though. From October on, the holidays have always made me happy and excited. Now after seeing stuff out for ages it just feels like the excitement isn't there anymore. Maybe it's just me.

So what are we taking away from this today? I still love the holidays, I really do. Especially Christmas. Call me a grump or a scrooge all you want, I just ask that stores chill out with advertising and decorations. Please? Does anyone else feel the same way?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cheers, To You My Friends!

What a crazy week it's been, right? Or is it just me? Either way, TGIF and even better that it's a long weekend! Happy Labor Day in advance! I may or may not show up for the party on Monday. Kids are out of school, and hubby and I are off work, so we may go to the lake or something fun!

That being said, it is Friday and on Fridays we share the love with Meagan! I had so many favorite posts this week it wasn't even funny, y'all. It was definitely hard to pick just a few!

All The Joys Friday Favorites
+ Ashley at That Southern Mama cracked me up this morning with "How to be a Mama Blogger". Ok, honestly she cracks me up daily, and I love her sense of taste for fashion and home decor. If you're a mama or soon to be mama and in the blogging community, you will appreciate this post from Ashley.
+ Meagan at All the Joys confessed this week. (And I may have stollen her idea to do the same thing). Moms are busy, moms work hard... so what's wrong with a marshmallow for breakfast? As long as the kids are happy and you know they'll get some sort of nutrition later on in the day, right? Right. No judgement here!
+ Meg at Love, Life and the Webers post from Wednesday Wishes was just "like, whoa". She asks the question, "Why can't my son be a princess for Halloween?" My immediate response was "he can!", but with the way society is and with everyone being so judgemental, it's hard. I loved reading the comments on her post too: so much encouragement toward her.
+ Cassie at Sage the Blog took us to COSTA RICA this week, y'all! How fun, right? I love seeing her pictures each week from wedding pics, to trips, etc. Cassie is very talented and very sweet, and no I'm not just saying that: it's true!
Who were some of your faves this week? I love Fridays and getting the chance to read some blogs I haven't read during the week. Happy Friday, y'all! Be safe this weekend! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Born Free, Free As the Wind Blows!

The last time we had a celebration on the blog was late June / early July. Specifically here. This was when I got the job offer to my current job. Today, we're celebrating for a whole new reason.


Allow me to explain. Get comfy. Good? Good.
[for the record I'm OK sharing this with you because it's technically public knowledge anyway if you know where to look]
Anyway... Back in 2012, I had to file a police report due to some checks that I obviously didn't write. After about 6 months of talking to the investigators and looking at bank video footage and ultimately deciding that I didn't know the man that was cashing the check, I thought things were going be a simple closed case. WRONG. I got arrested. The reason? Filing a false statement. Which, by the way, in case you didn't know: that's a felony. So yeah. At the time I was heavily pregnant (about 8 and a half months) and totally freaking out

Fast forward a year to the end of 2013. By now I had been to court what felt like a million times. I had a really good lawyer and both of us were confident that when we went to the final hearing that I'd be let go, completely free. Boy were we wrong. SO very wrong. Not only did I not get to go away freely, I got probation, court fees, and community service hours. Which, yeah, is not that bad (you didn't go to jail Melissa!) but it still SUCKED when I had never (EVER) been in trouble before. Did I say EVER? So yeah... that happened.

Fast forward to July 25,2014: I got the best phone call in the world. Keep in mind, by this point I had been on probation for 8 months, paid the courts / probation outrageous amounts of money and completed community service hours. (That last bit seemed like it would take forever). So the phone call. I recognized the number. Of course I did. It was the probation office. My immediate thought was, "great... what the hell could this be about" Because, obviously something had gone wrong. I'm so glad, but I was wrong! It was my officer calling to tell me that I have completely paid off my fees, my community service hours were done, and I didn't have to report to probation anymore. So my dumb question (because there's always a catch right?) "What does this all mean?" PO: "Well, Mrs. Camacho, it means that we get to go to court, tell this to the judge and he gets to sign the paper saying that you're free".  So yeah... here we are, post court date (yesterday) and I'm FREE! No more fees, no more community service. No. More. Court. Sorry, Georgia Court System, but I don't love you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Could Really Use a Wish Right Now

This song came on the radio last night, and it really hit me... hard. Honestly, anything with the mention of stars hits me because of my Grandma that passed away last December. Grandma Barbara was always there for me, and lately I've really been missing her. I have a few wishes about her and my kids this week, so we're linking up with Anne at Love the Here and Now for Wednesday Wishes

For starters I wish everyone kept the imagination and innocence that children have. When Grandma passed away, Zander was almost 4. He has an amazing memory, better than a lot of kids his age, and because I was very close with Grandma he got to be very close with her as well. He called (calls) her G.G. (because she was "too young to be a great grandma" so she didn't want to be called Great Grandma). He didn't quite understand her passing as that was the first person who was extremely close to him that he'd lost. We explained that G.G. was very sick, and God needed her as an Angel. With that he took "G.G. lives in the stars." Every time there's a clear night and we can see the stars Zander says, "look Mommy! G.G. is smiling at us!" Yeah, tear jerk-er! He constantly talks about G.G. this way. Talking about how happy she is in heaven and how he's glad she's not sick anymore. I swear he's smart beyond his years.
Grandma at Zander's first birthday
I wish cancer didn't exist. Plain and simple.

I wish Ainsley was able to get to know Grandma the way Zander did. It makes me sad that she was almost one when Grandma passed. However, I am happy that Zander, Josh, and I have so many wonderful pictures and memories to share with Ainsley as she gets older. For that we are blessed.
I'm blessed to have had such an amazing, beautiful, Christian-like woman in my life. She taught me so much, and I'm so glad I was so close with her.

What are you wishing for today?
Love the Here and Now

Monday, August 25, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

This past weekend has been a roller coaster of craziness. To say the least. Small recap: Friday I found out one of my co-workers passed away. It's been hard to deal with, especially since I had to give the news to some of our customers. Saturday I had to work to help finish up inventory. In addition, I found out that the 5k I was supposed to be running in Sept is now cancelled! Long story short, as of right now Run or Dye is saying no refunds. Local news is working to change that. Their BBB score is officially an F. #wtf. Sunday I had to do some community service to get some hours knocked out. (LONG story on that one). So now it's Monday. I'm mentally and physically exhausted.

However, it is Monday... and that means it's time to show our Grateful Hearts! Linking up with Emily.

Grateful Heart linkup w/ Ember Grey

Today, I'm mostly grateful for all of my friends. This includes old and new ones. On Friday when I posted to twitter that I was having a rough day, I had so many lovelies reach out to me to see if I was OK. Let me tell y'all it really meant a lot. I did listen to the advice y'all gave me and it helped a lot, but I really wish I didn't have so much that happened this weekend too! Seriously though, thank y'all so much for helping me relax and cheer up. 

I'm also grateful that some of the issues that happened last week are over and done with. 
I'm grateful to have working utilities in my house.
I'm grateful to have a great job
There's a lot of things. I'll be reminding myself of them all this week.

What are you grateful for?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

An Open Letter to Creeps at Work

To the lab technician accross the hall: You don't need to come up with excuses to come into my office. If you want to chit-chat about the weather or your strange obsessions with cats, then just come say hi and start talking. Coming in here "just to get a pen" ... Because let's face it, how many pens do you really need in a week? Answer: not a new one everyday. Or when you lurk in the door until I look at you and then you run away, I'm going to keep thinking you're a weirdo. I promise I won't bite.

To the very-southern Maitenance guy: I like a good break from work in the form of a nice conversation about the news, or weather, or whatever. I do. I appreciate the fact that you're comfortable enough to approach me and ask how my kids and family are doing, and you can small talk about whatever; However, you are one inappropriate comment away from me going to H.R. I'm sorry, but I will not be referred to as someone's "second wife", even if the comment was made in jest.

 To the shoe theif: (ok, this was at my last job but it needs to be brought up for all shoe theives out there). I still don't know why you had to take the one shoe, but it was just strange. The shoes themselves were old. They probably smelled bad. The heel was chewed up. And yet, even after the pair fell off the roof of my brother in law's old ford focus and got run over (repeatedly) on Satellite Blvd you still took just the one shoe. I still don't understand why you thought I would want to keep just the right shoe out of the pair... thanks but no thanks. You're creepy.

To the Star Wars nerd enthusiast: (credit to Amanda for this one). I'm sorry if I made you think I was interested in hearing about the new plot ideas, or costume plans, or who will be attending Dragon Con this year. Sorry, but I'm just not. The "too-friendly" smile you mistook for interest was simply a smile to try and tell you without words "I'm going back to work now". And yet, here you are, 10 minutes later, still talking to me about Star Wars. The whole time I'm trying to focus on real work.

To the Popcorn burners: (credit to Lora). You're not a creepy creep, you're just a creep. Everyone loves the smell of fresh, buttery popcorn. However to the same point, everyone hates the smell of burnt popcorn. If you insist on making popcorn, please stand by the microwave and monitor that shit! (Also if you brought left over fish for lunch, just don't heat it up. We don't want to smell microwaved fish for hours)

and finally...
To the messy hoarder: (credit goes to Kathy). Your office cube does not need to contain every little memory from every vacation on the wall. If you have so many "treasures" and keepsakes that they start spilling into the hall, or you have so many McDonald's happy meal toys that my four year old would want to play at your desk while you work, you have a problem.

P.S. to any ladies in the work-force: Wear a bra. Just do it. You are not cute with your boobs flopping everywhere! I don't care what size they are, just wear a bra. Keep it classy, y'all.

Are you guilty of one (or more) of these? Don't be afraid to admit it. There is help for you! We can get you the support you need to become a less offensive creeper.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Inventory and Blog Love

For those that don't work in an environment that requires inventory on things, consider yourselves lucky. Inventory in the plant that I work in requires a lot of transferring different chemicals into various catch tanks to get the weight in pounds of what we have on hand. This will be my entire Friday (and most likely Saturday until 1 PM). I'll be the one doing the data entry and catching any variances from what the system says already versus what the scale says. [yay]

this is where I'll be Friday and possibly Saturday...

But onto something much more fun than inventory! It's Friday (by the time you're reading this... thanks, blogger scheduler!) Which means it's time to share the blogger love and link up with Meagan at All the Joys

+ Christina at The Mediocre Housewife is one of my favorite blogs! This post is technically from last week, but it still needs to be shared because flying with toddlers is hard. 

+ Kayln at Geeze, Louise. Firstly, we share a middle name so automatically she's awesome! Secondly, this week she talks about farting and weddings all in the same post so that makes her funny too. 

+ Becca at Becoming Adorrable shares some things that she's learned after a year of marriage. For example: "Love language is a real thing." Plus there's a giveaway here, too so you'll definitely want to check this one out! 

+ Anne at Love the Here and Now shares some awesome ways on how to NOT run out of blogging ideas. As my fellow blogger friends read this, you know you're going to want to bookmark this one. If you're like me writer's block is a weekly thing. 

+ Emily at Ember Grey. This post is so simple and so beautiful. Just go read it. 

And with that my lovelies I leave you with this:
Don't ever be afraid of loving the strange things that make your weird little heart happy.

All The Joys Friday Favorites

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

This week is a weeks of me joining in with new link-ups. (See Monday's here)
OK... new to me! I've seen these lovely ladies around blog-land, but I finally took the plunge and started following/ commenting/ interacting with them. (I'm not a creeper!) Today we're linking up with Anne.

So, Happy Wednesday, everyone!
(oh yes, I went there)
This week is Zander's second week of school, and he already has signs of a potential cold: runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing etc. Sure, it sounds like allergies but Zander doesn't have any allergies and he's around 21 other new kids... it's possible cold. So I'm really wishing it doesn't get spread to the rest of the family! Hello, vitamin C!
I'm also wishing the weekend would hurry up and get here. Last weekend we had a lovely "do-nothing" weekend (Meagan did too!) and it was fantastic. This weekend however we're going to a pool party!! And yes, I'm 26 getting excited for a pool party. I'm excited mostly because Zander has been getting more and more confident in the water. He's not exactly the most daring child in the world... read: he scares easily. So the fact that he's starting to love the water as much as I do is exciting and gives me hope that he'll actually want to learn to swim next season! Ainsley of course is a little fish and just floats around like it's no big deal.
The last time we were at my Mother in Law's pool.
Finally, I wish for all of my lovely readers to have lots of laughter. If you need a bit of inspiration, just watch this video. I was nominated by two of my sweetest sister in laws for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This is me accepting that challenge.

What are your wishes?
Love the Here and Now

Monday, August 18, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday

Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed and stressed and I've noticed that I've been freaking out over the little things too much. So it's definitely time to step back, take a breath, and remind myself what's good in my life.

Grateful Heart Monday linkup

Well, I'm most definitely grateful for my children and my family. I'm so incredibly blessed to have two beautiful, caring children and a loving husband. My kids couldn't be more perfect. OK yes, they do get way too loud and fight with each other way too much, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Even when I'm trying to talk on the phone with Amanda and it sounds like I have Tourette's. I'm grateful that when we leave the house my kids are the most well-behaved gorgeous children and everyone they meet just gush over them! 

My husband has been so incredible lately. A lot of my blog readers don't know this, but Josh suffers from depression and he's bi-polar. It's incredibly difficult to live with, and it's been a huge adjustment for me to learn about these disorders. It take a lot of patience to realize when he's having an episode that he's not mad at me. Well, he's finally found an amazing doctor and he's on a good balance of medicine to where he's not a zombie and he enjoys interacting socially. (I don't have to drag him out of the house to see people anymore). We've also been seeing a marriage therapist to work on some things in our relationship, and I highly recommend this to anyone having a "rough patch" in their relationship. Our therapist has opened  up new forms of communication and the "spark" is back between us. 
Aren't we just disgustingly cute?
Finally, I'm grateful for my new bloggy friends. I seriously love these ladies that I've gotten to know lately. (Ashley, Lora, Meagan! just to name a few) I know it's been said a million times by several bloggers, but if you're new to blogging (like me!) commenting makes a huge difference! You never know who you might get connected to, and you may end up with a fun new friend. 

What are you grateful for? Happy Monday! Let's make it a good week. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Letter to New Moms

We're not going to sugar coat anything here, y'all. Being a mom is hard. Hell, being pregnant is hard! Just ask Ashley... she's pregnant with number two right now! I'd like to take a moment to address new moms.

Dear New Mom, or Mom-to-Be,

Stop reading the books. I promise, you're not going to follow any of the advice in them. I read "What to Expect When You're Expecting" cover to cover, and let me tell y'all something: don't. Just don't read it. It will have you worrying way too much about the stupidest shit. Pardon the language, but it's true. Just because your feet are swollen to the size of watermelons that could win a prize at a state fair, doesn't mean you've got a horrible pregnancy disease! It usually means you just have to sit down and rest.

Don't swear off certain baby products. Before I had kids I was the lady to say things like "I'll never use pacifiers" or "I won't use generic brand". I lied. Both of my kids had pacifiers, and yes I use generic brand. In fact, I absolutely swear by the Wal-Mart brand parent's choice diapers. I promise you, what works for me may not work for you, so don't assume what works for your best friend's cousin twice removed will work for you either. Everyone parents differently so please don't feel pressured to use the fancy bottles because your neighbor "swore by them... OMG!", but don't swear them off either.

You don't need a million towels or washcloths. I'm sorry to burst your little bubble as you're standing in the baby aisle at target, gushing over just how cute your little one will look wrapped up in that monkey towel, but you really don't need it. Don't get me wrong, you will need a few, but when you're child is 18 months old and you realize you have 8 towels and 25 washcloths, but you only use THREE... yeah, it's too much.

Second hand stores ARE OKAY! Trust me on this one. The bedding set, the clothes, the strollers... all of these are perfectly fine to get from a thrift shop or consignment store. Hell, even a yard sale. Babies are expensive. You have diapers, wipes, etc. You don't need to spend a fortune just because the crib bumpers were featured in some fancy magazine. I do, however, suggest buying the crib and mattress new.

You will pee on yourself. It's going to happen. It might be from sneezing, laughing, throwing up, etc. Just clean yourself up and carry on.

Don't stress if you're doing the right thing or not. I know, easier said than done. I still stress about it, but I promise you are doing the right thing. Don't feel pressure to breast feed if you don't want to.
YOU are the mommy. You get to call the shots. You are amazing, and you a wonderful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Especially the doctors.

Also, if you're not a mom and you're reading this don't let anyone tell you that you have to have kids to be happy. My best friend Amanda said it best here.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Friday / Blogger Love


Happy Friday! Yes, I've been wanting to use that picture for some time now. This weekend will mostly be pretty lazy though. Which is amazing, because we usually have something planned for every weekend of the month. Not this weekend though! Mom win!

So this week, I was outrageously behind in blog reading, and my bloglovin account shows that. The blogs I did manage to visit this week had some pretty amazing stuff!

For everyone that posted about Robin Williams... incredible. All of the gifs and quotes were so beautiful, and it's truly awesome just how loved he was. I'm just happy that one of my close friends gets to be with him again. She passed away three years ago, and she knew Robin closely because her Aunt used to work for him. ... Anyway, a few of my favorite Robin posts this week:

+Lora at Heart of Life
+Kay at the Best of Intensions
+Amanda at Knock on Wood

 And then there were so many wedding related posts. I was like a kid in a candy store. I LOVE reading about weddings, looking at the pictures, etc. I can't explain why... I just love it.

+Meagan at All the Joys
+Cassie at Sage the Blog. For Cassie's I just linked her entire blog and not just one post, because this whole week was all things wedding related for her! LOVE!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday. Be sure to go around and spread the love!
All The Joys Friday Favorites

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hazardous Work Environment

Some of y'all may remember, I recently (OK a month ago) I started a new job. When the job was offered to me, all I knew was that it was for an administrative assistant postition, it was close to home, and the pay was what I wanted. Plus it was in a manufacturing plant so I was familiar with the environment.

...Only, I wasn't.

My last job was at a contract manufacturer that pretty much only made cables and kiosks. Stuff like this. (and this). (oh, and this too). My biggest obstacle for getting a customer's product on time was the fact that cables have a 16 week lead time!

Now I'm here at H.B. Fuller. They make all sorts of adhesives. No, it's not just glue anymore... this stuff is everywhere! Not gonna lie, y'all I absolutely love it here but I absolutely work in a hazardous environment!

The raw materials used require MSDS's. (OK, what's an MSDS, Melissa??) It's a Material Saftey Data Sheet. It's a little piece of paper that tells everyone interested exactly how to handle and store certain materials. It also tells the melting point, boiling point, Ph level, etc. It's FASCINATING! Everything about this place has so much chemistry involved it's fantastic!

This is what you might see on an MSDS.
This means the material is self combustible.
Most offices have a standard "escape route" in case of a fire. You have to go to the flag poles or something like that. For us, we have to go like half a mile down the road... running! Because if there's a fire here, well, let's just say we don't want a fire here!
The best part of this job? My inner nerd gets to come out daily!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Day of School!

Yesterday was the first day of school (Pre-K)... An accurate start to the morning went something like this from Zander to me:
...and when I realized what day it was:

Honestly I am happy. Zander is excited about school, and he's been looking forward to this for MONTHS. But at the same time, I'm getting so teary eyed writing this. My baby is officially in PRESCHOOL!

How is it possible that he went from this:

 to this?

He also almost forgot to say good-bye to us.
With his school, we just have to drop him off and his teachers will take them out of the car and walk them into the class. Each car has a yellow name tag that the teachers made so they know which kid goes with which car. Zander didn't even look back when he got out of the car.

I promise I only teared up a little bit after he went into the school. I was worried about Ainsley being without brother all day, but of course she did wonderfully and when the sitter picked him up from school she said Ainsley was so excited to see brother. I'm glad that they're so close, but it's also good to know that Ainsley can cope without him around all day.

His teachers said he did wonderfully and everyone loves him. (duh, no surprise there!) Zander said his favorite part was playing outside on the playground. Again, no surprise since he literally would be outside all day if we let him! I'd say pre-k is a complete success! 

And I didn't even call the school while he was there to check on him!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites and Potential Soulmates

This week was such an "off" week for me. I managed to get quite a few blog posts out there in blog land, but I'm not overly proud of many of them. In case you missed it though, I did do a DIY posts. That one I'm very proud of. (If you know me well, you know DIY isn't one of my strong points).

Today most of my favorite blogs to read are spreading the blog love and linking up with Meagan for Friday Favorites. The past few weeks in my posts I've shared quite a few of my favorites, but this week I'm going to just share my top three. Kay? Kay. No real reason why... just because it's my blog and I want to. (Gosh, I sounded like the four year old version of me just then!)

All The Joys Friday Favorites

+ Christina at The Mediocre Housewife has quickly become one of my favoite reads. Each week her posts about her pregnancy and/or kids having me laughing way too loudly at my desk because I can relate to so much of what she says. This week: Silly Rules for the Sandbox. Because normal sandbox rules don't apply here.

+ The "Florkens" Post this week really hit the nail on the head with me.
Life isn't always "blogworthy"
It's just not. I know I try to post my happy stuff, but sometimes it's forced. I really admire Kate and Adam posting this, and what was even cooler -- the amount of people on social media that reached out to them just to say "yep, been there too... we're thinking of you!" Amazing!

from my Twitter notifications
+ Anne at Love the Here and Now continued the "not trying so hard" theme and bravely posted a photo shoot of her in a new dress as part of her Wednesday Wishes! I say bravely because she mentions in her post about being camera shy, but honestly y'all she's gorgeous and the camera loves her. So go tell her how pretty she is in her new dress!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

What's in My Purse?

Per the norm, I'm late to the party. (Better late than never, right?)

So earlier this week Becca, Rachael, Heather, and Lisa created this fun little link up. The Bag Lady! Pick a bag, any bag, and share the contents. How fun, right?
Well, my purse was in desperate need to be cleaned out (who's purse isn't though, am I right?) so I thought why not clean it out socially and share everything with y'all?

Bag Lady Linkup
So here's the bag. My purse. I got this purse for Christmas from my (step?) Grandmother (Grandpa's second wife)... anway... it's huge, but I love it. The contents below include what was in the zipper pockets!
I dumped everything out on a table. (The folders were already there, NOT in my purse)
From R - L here we have
USB cable to charge my phone
5 cents
Keys to our old house (the old landlord refuses to answer my calls to meet up!)
Keys to the new house (on the purple ring)
A sharpie. Also on the purple ring
a black magnetic necklace
bottom half of a penguin. It went to an old flash drive.
bouncy ball
Red flash drive (above the keys)
Pink headphones
R-L again
White key to get into work
Sunglasses in a hardcase
Baby Wipes
Polka Dot card from Amanda
Going top to bottom then R-L
Powder (above bus. cards)
misc business cards
receipts (Hardees and CVS)
White eye liner (from Halloween last year)
MAC lip gloss
Polka Dot makeup bag
three chapsticks... two are the same "flavor"
roll on glitter that smells good
Going R-L
Screwdrivers to fix glasses
One lonely bobby pin
Utility Bill
my wallet
the tupperware I brought my lunch in yesterday (clean)
 So yeah... there you have it. I've loved seeing what everyone else has. About as random as mine.
Until next time, folks!