Thursday, July 10, 2014

Halfway To Christmas

If anyone reading my blog has read my about me section then you already know: Christmas Day is my birthday. I'm sure y'all have seen tons of stuff on TV and the internet talking about "we're halfway to Christmas!" This of course means it's halfway to my birthday!

My Birthday 2006 at Amanda's 

I'd like to clear the air to tell everyone in the world wide webs that having my birthday on Christmas doesn't suck at all. Well, no I shouldn't say "at all"; I live in Georgia and therefore I hardly ever get snow for my birthday. When it does snow in GA it quickly turns to ice and there's hardly anything fun about ice.

I digress...
Growing up, my family never made me feel like I was getting any less presents. We would always do Christmas presents first. After everyone opened Christmas, we'd move on to birthday. There was always a separate pile for my birthday presents and they were always wrapped in pink birthday paper.

I still get excited about my birthday. I'll be 27 this year, but it doesn't bother me. Ask me in three years though... 30 might be an issue. hahaha.

Now that I'm a mom, Christmas is all about the kids. I could care less if I get anything for Christmas or my birthday... I just want the kids to have an amazing Christmas.

SO the countdown begins. For those that are sickened by the mention of Christmas, just think of it as halfway to my birthday!


  1. I always wondered about those that had birthdays around Christmas time. It's good that your parents always made you feel special :-)

    Happy half birthday!

  2. Omg! That has always been one of my fav pictures of you. That and the surprise bathroom one. Hehe

  3. Well happy half way to your birthday! I'm only 3 months til mine! I'm glad your parents separated it out for you! Definitely makes a difference!