Friday, July 11, 2014

Let's Be Friends!

I'm about to admit something a little creepy.

I'm a stalker. Kind of.

I'm relatively new to the blogging community, so I'm trying to branch out and make new friends. I tend to have a habit of clicking on other bloggers names in the comments of blogs I read. 
I told  you it would be creepy. 

Well, yesterday I clicked on Laney's blog. She posted an excellent link up for a blog hop. A way to meet new bloggers and make new friends. 

Of course it gave me a great opportunity to find blogs I had never read before, and now I have more reading material! Thanks, Laney! 

I'm trying to be less creeper-ish and make new friends. I promise to comment if I read your blog and not just lurk in the shadows. Let's be friends!! LOL

The Rambling Llama


  1. Creeper! But I already knew this about you.

  2. Thanks. Everyone loves a creeper esp when it's a good one like Yourself. I'm grabbing your button.

  3. I must say I enjoy your emails, your chats, your comments and your blog post. I guess b/c 1. You're from Georgia and so you know all about the south. Plus, speaking the mind and being blunt is just a 2nd one to name a few. You seem to be a devoted blogger and commenter and that means alot esp when you return the favor. But, that goes back to being from the south b/c that's what we do. Isn't it girl. If you have any good reads that I'm not following I'd love for you to share them. Hope you have a great weekend. We finally got rain today and it rained maybe an hour or so. Which is a blessing. So thankful.

    Have a great weekend girl. Can't wait to hear from you lady. :p