Monday, July 7, 2014

Puddles, Parks, and Ponds

I'm very blessed that my kids love to be outside. [I'm not even exaggerating a little bit when they both beg me to go outside the moment they wake up!] I've never been the kind of person that likes to sit inside all day. The only video games I play are the X Box Kinect games where I am the controller. This is what Zander plays too. If we're going to play video games, we're going to move and dance. I can't say the same about my husband though. I'm sure some of y'all can relate.

Lately we've been getting a lot of summer rain showers (read: thunder showers) that have been preventing us from playing outside as much as the kids would like, so once the rain lets up we play in the puddles.

As you can see, Zander loves his scooter from Santa last Christmas.

We also found a really fun park close to the house. It has everything the kids could want in a park. There's a really huge playground, a public pool, and a duck pond! We didn't know about the pool until we got inside the park so that'll be something we can do another day.

While walking around the duck pond we also didn't have any change. The park had little vending machines to get special duck food, since the park doesn't want the ducks eating bread. The ducks are so spoiled though that when they saw us they swam up to the kids as fast as they could thinking we had food. Sorry ducks, maybe next time. We also lucked out and got to see some baby ducks. I didn't get any pictures because two mommy ducks were protecting the nest. If you follow me on instagram you know which picture that is. ;)

Both kids thought the ducks were hilarious. Hearing a four year old and a one year old try to quack and copy the ducks had me laughing hysterically! It's little things like this that make my heart smile knowing my kids are having fun


  1. We have a little park down the road from us, but it's pretty much just a playground and a picnic area. Nothing fun like duck ponds and pools!

  2. Playing in rain puddles was so much fun