Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Proud Mommy Moments

I love being a mommy, or mama as my little girl calls me. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely not the easiest job in the world. Like when my 4 year old decides that he suddenly doesn't like a certain food anymore (even though he's eaten it since he was 6 months old) or when my 18 month old is cutting teeth and when she farts you wonder if it's really a fart or a really nasty teething related poop. Sorry, TMI I know but it happens, and it's not pretty.

But then there are moments I refer to as "proud mommy moments". Where one or both of your kids does something that just makes your heart swell and you want to yell from the roof tops about how awesome your kids are!

+ When the kids use good manners
Moms, y'all know what a struggle this is... begging your child to ask nicely or to just say "yes, ma'am". The moment they say "please" and/or "thank you" without you having to prompt them is just bliss, pure bliss! It's then you know something is finally sinking into their tiny little skulls!

+ When they play nice
Zander doesn't always like to share his toys with Ainsley, and so when I catch them playing nicely and sharing or just not fighting my heart gets all warm and fuzzy.

+ First moments
Any sort of "first accomplishments" I tend to brag to everyone about. Recently Zander learned to ride his bike. This is a big deal because he's had this bike for nearly 2 years now (Santa brought it for Christmas in 2012) and he's had a hard time since then grasping the concept of peddling. Well on July 27, 2014 he offically started riding his bike. The joy on his face was beautiful.

+ When Daddy gets cuddles
Both of my kids prefer me. It's no secret. Don't get me wrong, they love Daddy to the moon and back, but Mommy is the boo-boo kisser, the best chocolate milk maker, and the diaper changer. So when both kids flock to Daddy and give me a break, it's welcomed and pictures are always taken. Moments like this usually mean I can pee alone or get the dishwasher loaded without Ainsley unloading it right behind me.
here, they were watching "Wreck It Ralph"

I have many more, but maybe I'll save them for another post. What are some of your proud moments? (Even if you're not a mommy!) 


  1. There is nothing better than a well behaved kid with good manners. I don't have kids, but I love other peoples. This is awesome!

  2. When kids place well together is amazing. I hope it continues for you!!!! And manners? Yes! My nephew has been so good at doing this, I love it!

  3. Totally agree with the good manners! And playing nice. When I see E sharing (without being asked) with her little sister, I tear up a little :)

  4. When my cats realize I'm doing something and instead of laying on me they lay next to me.
    ...wait. Does that even count?

  5. So many proud mommy moments! <3