Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites & Blogmopolitan

We're going to try something new this week since I haven't posted all that much... I've been busy with work. I'm linking up with Meagan at All the Joys for Friday Favorites

+ Lora's Honest Post. We've all had those days where we hate the way we look or feel, and we can't fit into what we want to wear. Lora reminds us to essentially "just keep swimming" and love yourself!

+ Amanda's Getting to know her post. I've known Amanda for YEARS, and even though I knew most of what she posted this is still a favorite because she cracks me up with her answers. She's a silly goose. Yep. I said it.

+ Kay's Vegas List! I've never been to Vegas (read: the west coast), so it was fun to see the sights from a real person's POV and not just the T.V. / Movie side of things.

+ Katherine's Day in the Life post. I am a sucker for the photo an hour and live blog my day type of stuff. I'm nosey. We all know I'm a creeper now, so it makes sense that I enjoyed this post. Plus, Frozen! #ILoveDisney (way too much)

+ Becca's Movie Night! It was here I learned Pop Secret has an app to tell you exactly when your popcorn is perfect. WHAT?! That my friends is amazing. I still have yet to use it, mostly because I don't have any popcorn in the house, but the fact it exists is fantastic.

Because I want to sit with the cool kids at lunch, I'm including the Blogmopolitan Quiz today too. Linking up with Erin! enjoy!


  1. 1, thank you for including me! 2, thank you for posting this because now I can stalk all of those other lovely ladies! :) You rock.

  2. Aw thanks for the shout out dear! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Silly goose eh?? I really can't argue with that. But seriously, why isn't the phrase "silly giraffe" or "silly elephant"? I like those animals WAY more than a goose.

    Anywho. I totally agree with your choices of Kay and Kathy. Love those ladies! And off I go to check out the other two!

  4. Loved Amanda's post too! I need to check out the others, thanks for linking up!! Also, the kids bedtime is also a favorite part of my day :)

  5. Great answers! Seems like spiders made lots of lists here! Stopping in from the link-up! Happy Monday!

  6. Love those blogs. Always great to have new reads.