Thursday, July 24, 2014

Come Visit Me!

Previously I told y'all about places you need to visit that are outside of where I live. AKA Places I've been to that I absolutely love. It got me thinking though, I really do love where I live. I'm not sure how many of my readers have been to Georgia. I know a few like Amanda and Becca are from here, but to the others that have never been to this wonderful southern state, I give you:

+ ME!
This one should be obvious, because there's a lot of y'all I would love to meet! It still needed to be said though.

+ Centennial Olympic Park / Skyview Atlanta
Both of these are right next to each other in Atlanta. Skyview is new (I still have not ridden it, but it looks incredible!) Who doesn't love a ginormous Ferris wheel? Centennial Park was made after the 1996 Summer Olympics left. The Olympic rings are now a *free* splash pad that has a view of Skyview. There's lots of really tasty restaurants in the area too. Both of these are not just for kids. Trust me, I've seen plenty of adults down here. Granted, the adults don't usually take part in the splash pad, but the park has much more to offer. Walking trails, etc.

+ Stone Mountain
Located east of Atlanta is Stone Mountain. Here there is tons of stuff to do with the family. Every night during the summer time they do a laser show and fireworks on the side of the mountain. There's a hiking trail to climb the mountain, or if you're lazy like me there's a lift to let you ride to the top! For the kids, there's rides, games, etc! You could easily spend an entire day here and not get bored. You might spend a fortune on gifts and rides, but you won't be bored.

The Grist Mill at Stone Mtn

+ Georgia Aquarium
Clearly I'm a sucker for aquariums. But seriously y'all, the Georgia Aquarium is by far the nicest I've ever seen! I haven't seen the dolphin show yet, but even if you go and don't watch it you won't be disappointed. If I remember correctly Georgia is one of the few aquariums to hold whale sharks! Not all aquariums are created equal. I honestly could've done a post just on aquariums I've been too! Is that sad?

+ Yellow River Game Ranch
Not too far from Stone Mountain is this lovely little gem! No kidding y'all, this place is so cool. Their slogan: "Like a zoo, but better!" All of the animals here are local to Georgia, and most you can PET! That's right, it's a huge petting zoo. Ever wanted to snuggle up to a cute little Bambi deer? This is the place! It's also WAY cheaper than say, Zoo Atlanta, for example. Fun on a budget, y'all. You can bring your own food for the animals, or you can buy food for them where you get the tickets. Most of the animals there can be fed "non special diet food".

Now doesn't that look like fun?
Where should I visit in your city? We're always looking for new vacation destinations!


  1. I've never been to Georgia - besides the Atlanta airport but that doesn't count :)

  2. I feel the need to add Lake Lanier (even though it's not in Atlanta per se), The World of Coke, Piedmont Park, and The Big Chicken to this list.

  3. I'm a blogger from GA and definitely want to go to the atlanta zoo and the aquarium.

  4. I love Georgia! I'd love to move there!

  5. Love this! I still have yet to ride the ferris wheel. Oh, and have you heard of the bar right near the ferris wheel that has an awesome view of the city? It's called Sky Lounge. Have you been??