Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where Has the Time Gone?

I'd like to take a moment to have a mini heart attack, so please excuse me while I panic about how quickly time is passing.


In approximately three weeks my oldest will be starting school. Well, he'll be starting Pre-K but it counts because he'll be going for a full day. August 11 is the first day of school. August 8 we have open house to meet his new teacher and find out what all he'll need to bring to school. Before I go on... I know what y'all are thinking: "Aug 11? Whoa! That's early to start school!" Yes it is... Georgia starts school very early, but we also get out of school early as well. I think summer started May 28 or somewhere close to there. So yeah, early in/ early out. That's how it has been for as long as I can remember. I'm pretty sure I've never started school in September, but I digress.

Zander is unbelieveably excited about starting school. For the longest time he would ask every single day, "is today when I go to school?" For awhile my answer would be "when the leaves fall off the trees" because at 4 years old, you don't exactly know what the seasons are yet and saying "in the fall" wasn't a good enough answer.
I eventually got smart and found a way to let him know exactly how long he had... PAPER CHAINS! Seriously, y'all if you have kids- best idea ever! He's starting to grasp a sense of time and days of the week and that sort of thing, but in order to count down to something, I seriously suggest paper chains. This is what we did for our last vacation as well.

So now we're down to just one chain (we started with two giant ones). He keeps reminding me everyday that at the end of the chain he gets to go to school. That's right, kid keep reminding me how fast you're growing up. *tear*
I have a feeling the first day won't be so bad because he's so ready. I think if he were to cry and cling to me the day we drop him off it might be harder, but of course we won't know for sure until that day actually comes.
Until then, Time, please slow down! My baby is only little for so long...


  1. It's really hard for me to think about Zander being 4. Like. I helped birth that baby, and looked after him so you could take a nap in those first few weeks. And now I've just decided he needs to go back to that, k? He needs to stay little for-ev-eerrrr.

  2. Aww! I know what you mean!!! Time goes by way too quickly, especially when it comes to your kids growing up!