Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favories plus a Vlog!

I am the ultimate slacker. I don't think I participated in a single "blog everyday in July" prompt. OKAY... maybe slacker is a bad way to put it, even though it's true, but mostly after I started work I just got way too busy. Anyone else notice my posts going from 4 a week to two... maybe three? Yep. It happened.

HOWEVER! When Allie announced that the week would be finished with a bang (OK I lied she didn't really say that but that's what I read) I decided early in the week I'd participate today. Warning: I didn't edit anything, I'm pretty sure Zander asks me something in the middle, and I don't always look at the camera. So, translation: I'm not a professional "vlogger" LOL... also, SO sorry for all of the "um's" I'm laughing at myself so hard.

I'm so sorry for that embarrassing video, y'all. I can do nothing but laugh at myself.
Don't worry, we're not going to end this Friday with that. We're still linking up to share the blog love with Meagan!

+ Seriously, Sarah? Tells us about blogging friends.
I love this post because it's just the truth. Her advice is solid and you should listen to her. Or just be awesome and read her post, and then tell her how awesome she is!

+Lora lost a small child recently!!!
...and I say that in only the best way possible. Lora continues to amaze me with her postitive outlook and her continuous weight loss. It's really NOT easy to lose as much weight as she has, and I really admire how well she's done!

+ Ashley is That Southern Mama and her toddler says some funny stuff!
I laughed so hard reading this post. For two reasons: 1- my oldest has said all of these at some point and 2- her sweet little girl sounds so grown up! If you're around children for long periods of time, you will appreciate this post!

+ Rebekah at Living Lavender  tells us why this Famer's Market is the
The Dekalb Famer's Market. It's huge, it's cold, it's crowded... but it's SO worth it, y'all!

Cassie at Sage the Blog shares wedding pictures!
Who doesn't love wedding pictures? I know I love them, and I'm pretty sure I told Cassie that in my comments. This week she shared her pictures from getting ready for the wedding, and they're just stunning!

+ Bonus Round: all of the beautiful ladies that weren't "trying so hard" this week! You can find links to all of them at either Nicole's, Jade's, or Kate's pages.

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  1. Cannot wait to check out the posts you suggested. And I wish the sound on my computer was working so I could listen to your v-log. I gotta get on fixing that. lol.

  2. I'm blushing over here. Thanks for the shout out dear!

  3. You're so sweet! Can't wait to go read all the other posts!

  4. Hey Y'all! Gotta love that GA accent! <3 I rarely feel like I have a accent, that is until someone points it out. & apparently I do. :P Our southern accents make us sound sweet even when we are being total B words! lol. & thats for the love on your friday favorites! <3 I am so glad you enjoyed that post!

  5. bahaha Say something in that language: "Pass" Dying!!

  6. I'm so glad you just reaffirmed that I'm not the only one that says buggy or lightning bugs! Thanks for linking up

  7. Hahah you an Amanda have different ideas about soda ;) lol I love it! "any three words you want". hahah

  8. I love that you answered a question in the middle of it all...and I really really hear the accent in you!!!!

  9. Thanks for linking up! You posted a few I didnt read so I need to check them out. My dang speakers arent working so when I get to work next week I'm definitely watching the vlog - so fun!

  10. Thanks for including me! :) I love blogging communities. And I love this link up!

  11. Love this Melissa and being from and raised in Georgia I'm glad I'm not the only who says Pe-can. or ya'll.

    Some of the blogs you listed I view and follow. Some I dont for various reasons. Will have to discuss that privately.