Thursday, August 7, 2014

What's in My Purse?

Per the norm, I'm late to the party. (Better late than never, right?)

So earlier this week Becca, Rachael, Heather, and Lisa created this fun little link up. The Bag Lady! Pick a bag, any bag, and share the contents. How fun, right?
Well, my purse was in desperate need to be cleaned out (who's purse isn't though, am I right?) so I thought why not clean it out socially and share everything with y'all?

Bag Lady Linkup
So here's the bag. My purse. I got this purse for Christmas from my (step?) Grandmother (Grandpa's second wife)... anway... it's huge, but I love it. The contents below include what was in the zipper pockets!
I dumped everything out on a table. (The folders were already there, NOT in my purse)
From R - L here we have
USB cable to charge my phone
5 cents
Keys to our old house (the old landlord refuses to answer my calls to meet up!)
Keys to the new house (on the purple ring)
A sharpie. Also on the purple ring
a black magnetic necklace
bottom half of a penguin. It went to an old flash drive.
bouncy ball
Red flash drive (above the keys)
Pink headphones
R-L again
White key to get into work
Sunglasses in a hardcase
Baby Wipes
Polka Dot card from Amanda
Going top to bottom then R-L
Powder (above bus. cards)
misc business cards
receipts (Hardees and CVS)
White eye liner (from Halloween last year)
MAC lip gloss
Polka Dot makeup bag
three chapsticks... two are the same "flavor"
roll on glitter that smells good
Going R-L
Screwdrivers to fix glasses
One lonely bobby pin
Utility Bill
my wallet
the tupperware I brought my lunch in yesterday (clean)
 So yeah... there you have it. I've loved seeing what everyone else has. About as random as mine.
Until next time, folks!


  1. I've enjoyed seeing these posts..mostly because I'm nosey.

  2. Im always curious about what neat things people have in their purses. Usually b/c most people have things in there you wouldn't think you should have in a purse. Mine is very bare though. wallet, eos chap stick, some more random chap stick, alleve, change purse, tums and that's about it.

  3. You have a mom's purse mixed with a worker's purse. . I was late in doing this, too, so I skipped it. Next time you can see the inside of my purse!

  4. Seeing three chapsticks, I really want to know if you've ever finished a tube completely! I feel like that's a bucket list sort of thing.

  5. Haha my card made into the purse!!

  6. I so meant to do this! I love whats in my bag posts & vlogs! I guess I am just nosey! lol

  7. My purse is such a mess. My daughter likes to "share" random things with me so I never know what I'm going to find in there. Sometimes a soggy cookie, sometimes pinecones and rocks. lol!!

  8. hahaha the contents of my purse tends to change day to day. currently I have a few extra diapers in there, even though my daughter is at school and has plenty. and I probably have some rocks and shoe laces too from my son. HAHA thanks for stopping by!