Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

This week is a weeks of me joining in with new link-ups. (See Monday's here)
OK... new to me! I've seen these lovely ladies around blog-land, but I finally took the plunge and started following/ commenting/ interacting with them. (I'm not a creeper!) Today we're linking up with Anne.

So, Happy Wednesday, everyone!
(oh yes, I went there)
This week is Zander's second week of school, and he already has signs of a potential cold: runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing etc. Sure, it sounds like allergies but Zander doesn't have any allergies and he's around 21 other new kids... it's possible cold. So I'm really wishing it doesn't get spread to the rest of the family! Hello, vitamin C!
I'm also wishing the weekend would hurry up and get here. Last weekend we had a lovely "do-nothing" weekend (Meagan did too!) and it was fantastic. This weekend however we're going to a pool party!! And yes, I'm 26 getting excited for a pool party. I'm excited mostly because Zander has been getting more and more confident in the water. He's not exactly the most daring child in the world... read: he scares easily. So the fact that he's starting to love the water as much as I do is exciting and gives me hope that he'll actually want to learn to swim next season! Ainsley of course is a little fish and just floats around like it's no big deal.
The last time we were at my Mother in Law's pool.
Finally, I wish for all of my lovely readers to have lots of laughter. If you need a bit of inspiration, just watch this video. I was nominated by two of my sweetest sister in laws for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This is me accepting that challenge.

What are your wishes?
Love the Here and Now


  1. OMG the kids' laughter is sooooo incredibly cute!

  2. So happy you linked up stalker! Im totally kidding; you are not....what you are is a great new blogging friend (hopefully with a sense of humor too!). Hope your son is feeling better and the germs stop with I'm. No sense having the whole family sick especially when theres fun to be had this weekend!

  3. How cute are your kids? SO adorable!

  4. Boo for being sick...YAY for super fun weekends!! :)

  5. That camel is terrible!

    My in-laws used to have a pool but they tore it down. I keep hoping my parents will open their pool again so I can take stunning photos in it and be all instagrammy and pinteresting and such.