Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Friday / Blogger Love


Happy Friday! Yes, I've been wanting to use that picture for some time now. This weekend will mostly be pretty lazy though. Which is amazing, because we usually have something planned for every weekend of the month. Not this weekend though! Mom win!

So this week, I was outrageously behind in blog reading, and my bloglovin account shows that. The blogs I did manage to visit this week had some pretty amazing stuff!

For everyone that posted about Robin Williams... incredible. All of the gifs and quotes were so beautiful, and it's truly awesome just how loved he was. I'm just happy that one of my close friends gets to be with him again. She passed away three years ago, and she knew Robin closely because her Aunt used to work for him. ... Anyway, a few of my favorite Robin posts this week:

+Lora at Heart of Life
+Kay at the Best of Intensions
+Amanda at Knock on Wood

 And then there were so many wedding related posts. I was like a kid in a candy store. I LOVE reading about weddings, looking at the pictures, etc. I can't explain why... I just love it.

+Meagan at All the Joys
+Cassie at Sage the Blog. For Cassie's I just linked her entire blog and not just one post, because this whole week was all things wedding related for her! LOVE!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday. Be sure to go around and spread the love!
All The Joys Friday Favorites


  1. Thanks for linking up and showing me the love! Yay for no plans - we don't either and I can't tell you how excited I am, although it sounds like you understand! Have a great weekend doing nothing :)