Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hazardous Work Environment

Some of y'all may remember, I recently (OK a month ago) I started a new job. When the job was offered to me, all I knew was that it was for an administrative assistant postition, it was close to home, and the pay was what I wanted. Plus it was in a manufacturing plant so I was familiar with the environment.

...Only, I wasn't.

My last job was at a contract manufacturer that pretty much only made cables and kiosks. Stuff like this. (and this). (oh, and this too). My biggest obstacle for getting a customer's product on time was the fact that cables have a 16 week lead time!

Now I'm here at H.B. Fuller. They make all sorts of adhesives. No, it's not just glue anymore... this stuff is everywhere! Not gonna lie, y'all I absolutely love it here but I absolutely work in a hazardous environment!

The raw materials used require MSDS's. (OK, what's an MSDS, Melissa??) It's a Material Saftey Data Sheet. It's a little piece of paper that tells everyone interested exactly how to handle and store certain materials. It also tells the melting point, boiling point, Ph level, etc. It's FASCINATING! Everything about this place has so much chemistry involved it's fantastic!

This is what you might see on an MSDS.
This means the material is self combustible.
Most offices have a standard "escape route" in case of a fire. You have to go to the flag poles or something like that. For us, we have to go like half a mile down the road... running! Because if there's a fire here, well, let's just say we don't want a fire here!
The best part of this job? My inner nerd gets to come out daily!


  1. C worked in the plant for HB Fuller a few years ago. So interesting.

  2. That's so awesome that you are loving this job! That's the best part... and so hard to find!!!