Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's A Celebration!

Pardon my over excitement, but....


 Let me refresh everyone's memory: Interviews Suck. BUT sometimes the results of said interviews don't suck. 
That's right ladies (and gentlemen if you're reading along too)... This little lady got the job! Can we say "nailed it"? 
Also, I'm not sorry for the overuse of Gifs today. I'm overly excited. 
I start July 7. Which means I have one more week of "stay at home mom" status. This also means I get 4th Of July weekend to relax. I'll be at a much bigger company than my old one, so it'll be a whole new experience.To put it into perspective, my old company had a total of 200 employees between the two facilities. The new company has millions of employees... globally. 
That's where I get nervous. But I've got this. Break out the bubbly, y'all! It's time to celebrate!


  1. bahahaha the gifs. I'm so glad you called me to figure out how to get them onto your blog. BEST. CELEBRATION. POST. EVER.