Monday, June 23, 2014

Interviews Suck

So, by now I'm sure everyone knows I'm newly out of work and trying to adjust. I've been applying for jobs daily. In the state of Georgia, when you file for unemployment they require you to submit at least three contacts a week where you've tried to get a job.

Last week, one of my many resume submissions actually came of something. I had an interview with a really big company. *Here's where Melissa gets SUPER nervous!*
At my old job, I was one of the ones asking the interview questions. Applicants for MAC would have a phone interview with HR (I use that term loosely), and if HR thought they were a good fit they'd interview with all of the ladies from customer service (when I left there was four of us), if they passed our interview they'd move on to an interview with the general manager (AKA the dragon).
My point being- I'm familiar with the standard interview questions. This didn't make me any less nervous about going for an interview though.

The night before this was my mind running through the reel of questions (Keep in mind, I've already had said interview... I'm just in panic mode again thinking about it because I have a SECOND interview with the same company tomorrow 6/24/14)

//Describe your most recent responsibilities at your previous job
OK! Do you have the next three hours cleared on your calendars? Holy cow where do I start? I spent a long time trying to think of the key points I thought would be good for the position I was applying for. I knew I needed to include I'm a certified green belt in Six Sigma and I know what bill of materials are.

//What did you dislike about your previous job?
I hated the fact that we didn't really have a real HR manager and the fact that all of the guys in the office thought they could treat women like trash. Oh wait, I can't say that in an interview. crap. OK... I hated the fact it was an hour away from my house. That sounds good right?

//What would you say your strengths are?
Oh, that's easy! Time management and communication skills. [please don't make me elaborate]
...they made me elaborate...

//What are your weaknesses?
UGH! I hate this question. With a passion. They want you to say something. You can't just get off with saying "oh, I'm just incredibly awesome- I don't have any weaknesses". It's not going to fly. You have to say something. But you can't even be honest either because if your weakness is not being able to get to work on time that would blow the whole interview. I couldn't sleep the night before trying to think of an answer to this one.

//Why do you want this job?
Uh, because I'd be broke if I don't have this job. Plus you're super close to home. Oh you want the real reason? Because I really want to know everything there is to know about adhesives!

Trust me there were more. Maybe to be continued.
So like I said, tomorrow I have a second interview. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Job interviews always make me so nervous to the point of wanting to throw up!
    Good luck tomorrow! Blow them away :)