Thursday, June 26, 2014

TBT: I Love Vacations

Most of my family vacations were spent camping in St Augustine,  Florida. If you've ever been to Florida in mid to late July, you know the heat and humidity is unbearable. So needless to say, camping (in a tent.... roughing it) in that weather is not what most people would call the "most fun experience in the world".

However, I do have a favorite vacation though! My sister and I got the (amazing) opportunity to visit St Thomas island, part of the US Virgin Islands. My Aunt and Uncle lived there for about three years due to my Uncle's job. Tough living, right? So for two summers my sister and I got a chance to visit. Best vacation EVER!

While we were there we went to the beach everyday, snorkeled, and relaxed by the pool.

I'm on the left
My Aunt knew lots of people in town on the island so we got some really good deals for parisailing and day charters on a sailboat.

I think sailing was my favorite activity. We left the dock at 9 am, sailed out to the north end of the island and anchored down. Then we were able to swim in the Caribbean or snorkel. While we enjoyed the water, the captain of the boat prepared lunch.
I'm on the left

18 is the legal drinking age in St. Thomas so I  admit to being a little bit drunk on the sailboat. I'm sure Amanda got some drunk texts while I was there. he-he.
I'm in the towel making a face...
What was your first/ favorite vacation?

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Peaches in Missouri

Peaches in Missouri

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  1. I also remember hanging out with your almost boyfriend (who is now your husband) while you were there because he had to get the best friend stamp of approval.