Monday, June 30, 2014

Foodie Favorites

Dear Food Fairy, Why don't you visit my house more with meals I don't have to prepare and cook myself?

I admit it. I don't plan meals. I never have, and I know I need to. Planning meals would help me lose a lot more weight. But I don't plan- so there we have it. So I'm faced with the daily question from my husband and kids, "what's for dinner?" 
Half of the time I have no idea and I have to throw something together that's both healthy and delicious. ugh. 

The next question from me, "what do you want?" or "what sounds good?"
Common responses, "I don't know." or "I don't care."
Too bad I don't have recipes for those. 

Thankfully, I have a slow cooker. And thankfully, I have a slow cooker cookbook. So I've gotten a little bit better with planning some meals to where it just cooks during the day. 

My favorite recipe? Chili. I love chili of any form! It's so easy to make and there's so many ways to change the recipe 
This is how I prepared it most recently

Brown your meat. I used ground turkey. 

add your spices. This is what I use when I don't cheat and use a pre packaged spice blend ;)

Pick out some stuff to go in your chili. This is what I used. 

Throw everything together. 

Mix everything together, turn it on low and let it cook all day! Viola! 
Bonus? Left overs can be used with hot dogs and BAM! instant chili dogs! heck yeah! 


  1. I love chili. I have many kinds that I make they are all so good!

  2. I love chili. My dad has an amazing recipe I should get him to write down one day. I make it more in the winter time though.