Friday, June 27, 2014

Adventures in Moving

Doesn't always seem like when you get bad news about anything it usually falls in sets of three?

Bad news #1: My car died. It's gone. The cost to fix it is about as much as a new car, so we're just looking for a new car now.

Bad news #2: I lost my job. Yes, I'm still whinging about it. (Last time I promise!)

Bad news #3: We're being forced into a move. The neighborhood (read: Trailer park) we live in is being closed down. Long story short: everyone is being forced to move. It was a bit of a shock because they didn't give us very long at all.

This Meme sums up how I feel right now. My house is a wreck.  I have a lot to pack, and very little time to do so. 

The good news? We found a new place! We signed the new lease and we have keys! The only problem with the new place is it needs some painting. 
I love most of the house; it's just the kitchen, living room, and mailbox that needs work. (Adventures in Decorating to be continued on another post) . 

Here's the The front walk... I added the solar lights :) 
Behind where I was standing, there is a little garden area at the corner of the street. Complete with cute little bird house. 

The mailbox will be an easy fix. It just needs a new flag. The current flag is Georgia Tech. We are not a GT family. This will be replaced with a UGA flag if anything. 

Here's the outside of the house. It's so freaking adorable! Please excuse my husband sticking out his gut.

Here's the kitchen. I'm sure you see what I mean in that it needs work. The green will not be staying! 

So now that I've spent too much time procrastinating. (Amanda has an amazing post about such a thing here.) I need to get back to packing. Anyone willing to come to Georgia to help will be provided beer and pizza. 


  1. Sorry about all your recent adversity, but the fact that you've managed to overcome it to the extent that you have is remarkable and a testament to your strength of character. I'm eager to hear about your new job, and your progress with the move!

  2. I like the green cabinets, but I love the color green.

    The house is super cute!

  3. Those cabinets. Barf. I didn't realize they were such a bright lime green when you told me about them. But that is a ton of counter space and storage! HUGE plus right there.