Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Trying to be a Runner

I did something a few weeks ago I never thought I would do. *Drumroll, please* I signed up for a 5K race!
I have several months until the race actually takes place, but I'm still very nervous and very excited all at the same time.

The date: Saturday Sept 27, 2014
The Race: Run or Dye
The location: Atlanta, GA

I'm trying to get as much training in as possible given my broken toe, so in a way I'm glad I have a few months before the race. The last time I got a run (read: run/ fast pace walk combo) in I finished 3.1 miles in 37 minutes. In my opinion not a bad time... and actually a personal best.
I'll be doing the race with my Aunt. She's been getting fit since last year and she's been doing GREAT! She started at a size 24 and  now she's at a size 16! She looks amazing!
Neither of us are what you would call "professional runners". In high school I was on the swim team. I still love swimming and if I could find some sort of adult league somewhere (that I didn't have to pay an arm and leg to join) I would totally join a swim team. Running has never (ever) been my favorite sport. The fact that there are people running cross country for fun makes my head spin. I can barely get the motivation to push myself for a full three or more miles. Having said that, I'm glad it's my Aunt doing the race with me, because her feelings toward running are the exact same as mine. Eventually my Aunt and I want to enjoy running. If that's even possible. We're working up to obstacle course races... you know, the kind where you end up covered in mud. We have to start somewhere right?

The Run or Dye race is a good place to start because they don't record times. It's just a fun race to work up to bigger races. From the website: these are the "rules"


FIRST RULE: Don't worry - be Happy! Run or Dye is for everyone. No need to worry about if you are too fast, too slow, too old, too young, or too sexy! Just come experience the magic of the most colorful 5K this world has to offer!
SECOND RULE: You are your own canvas - Wearing all white may show off the color-or get costume-CRAZY wearing that old wedding dress, 80's leg warmers, or those snakeskin pajamas. See you at the starting line!
LAST RULE: Get ready to DYE and go to heaven! The Dye Zone is where the magic happens! Our Color Crew is specially trained to administer Random Acts of Color with total efficiency. (HINT: We also love subliminal messages, such as: begging and pleading, striking that pose that makes us all uncomfortable, or dancing like a maniac. These are all code for "HIT ME WITH COLOR!")

Have you ever done a 5K? Do you love or hate running? I'd love to hear all about it! 


  1. That's awesome! Once I'm in better shape I want to sign up for a 5K but I'm just not there yet...

    1. I think any sort of fun run like this is a good place for first timers (like us) to start!

  2. I kinda want to participate in a run/walk. But I always forget about them.

    1. if you like one on facebook or follow one on twitter they'll remind you with dates in your area! :)

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  4. I'm excited for you!! Good luck on your first 5k.. Even though it's a few months away, hah! Good luuuuuck!!