Thursday, June 12, 2014

When Life Gives you Lemons...

You make lemonade, right? Sure. That's what my grandmother said anyway. Well here we are making lemonade! I have a brand new blog (thanks to AMANDA!), and we're starting a new journey. To start my new blog we're linking up for Throwback Thursday Stories with Amanda. (If you haven't read her blog you need to... she's amazing).
This week: your favorite memory of a grandparent or great grand parent.
My Grandma was an amazing lady. I'm very sad she's no longer alive; I miss calling her after work each week to just chat. She had the funniest things to say about movies, music, raising kids... everything.
She was always one to give great advice. I really do miss her.

Grandma and I at my High School Graduation
My favorite memory with Grandma was when I was a little girl. She used to live on this really big house in Atlanta... on top of a hill. Whenever my sister and I would stay with her during the days she would open the front door first thing in the morning and say, "Hello, World!" The first time I heard her say it I laughed and said, "but Grandma, what is the world?" excitedly she answered back, "Everything!" waving her arms in a wide gesture. She loved teaching.

After breakfast with her we would always go on walks around her neighborhood. She lived in a big neighborhood that circled around so it was perfect for walking. During our walks Grandma would teach my sister and I the types of birds we saw, names of trees, and what poison ivy looks like (still thankful for that one!)
She was a very kind lady, and I'm very glad for being able to grow up with her in my life.

What is your favorite memory? Share it with us!

I'm very happy to be back in the blogging world! I've missed you all!

Peaches in Missouri

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