Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Broken Toes and Broken Workouts

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I'm not going to lie to y'all... my workouts have been far from regular.

Let's go back to May. The second week of May I went on vacation to New Jersey to see my in-laws. While we were up there I managed to get a run in every other day, but I didn't do any weights or get to the gym or anything. I felt OK though because at least with running I didn't GAIN at all, I maintained. (side note: my in-laws eat a LOT of pizza!)

The week we got back from vacation: I didn't work out at all. No excuses... I just didn't go to the gym or run or anything.

The next week: I was back on track! Going to the gym everyday and back to my normal workout. This lasted until last week.
Yesterday I posted about losing my job, and that's when I stopped going to the gym. I've worked out at home a little since then, but that kind of stopped as of this past weekend.

This past weekend I broke my pinky toe on my right foot. I didn't think it was broken at first because let's face it- we've all stubbed our toes pretty bad several times I'm sure. When it happened I just brushed it off with the whole "OW! DAMN! OOH THAT HURT!" and went on to play with the kids. A few hours later I finally looked at it and saw this:
Day of accident: Friday

I thought it was just really bruised at that point. The next day it was worse... After several neighbors and my mother in law looked at it everyone came to the same conclusion: it's broken. But not at the joint. It's broken on one of the little tiny bones near the toenail. And it hurts... a lot! I'm not usually one to be a baby about much in the pain department, but I'm definitely whining about this one. On Sunday (Father's day) my mother in law came over to spend a few hours with hubby and the kids. We took a walk around the neighborhood with her and the kids... that was when I realized: I can't wear tennis shoes! So, trying to be good and let my toe heal, I'm trying to stay off of it. I've been doing ab/ arm workouts laying on the floor, but I don't feel challenged! I miss my hard-core workouts at the gym where I feel like jelly! Here's hoping to a speedy recovery! I hope everyone else is having a more productive week in the workout area. :(
day 2: Saturday :(



  1. Ouchie! That toe looks so painful! Bless your heart! I hope it gets better and fast! I don't blame you at all I would totally be a big baby with that!

    1. I sucked it up and took a walk with the kids today. over 3 miles total. I feel OK, but now resting.

  2. OMG this reminds me of the time I broke some of those tiny bones on the top of my foot. I had to keep in elevated and iced for 2 weeks straight! No shoes were comfortable. Not even flip flops!!

    Try taping it to the toe next to it when you decide to put shoes on. It might also help it heal faster so it doesn't move as much.