Saturday, August 30, 2014

Holiday Overload... Already!

OK... so we've all seen the Halloween decor start to show up in the stores already, right? The pumpkin flavor everything, the cinnamon scented brooms, witch hats, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love everything about fall, and I especially LOVE everything about Christmas! (In case y'all forgot... my birthday is ON Christmas, and yes it rocks)
What I don't love is the fact decorations and advertising start so stinking early. Like, Halloween stuff started showing up in stores maybe a week after Zander started school.

Here's why:
// I have kids.

 More specifically: I have young kids. Kids have zero sense of time. Zero. So when Halloween and/or Christmas decorations start going up, the four year old starts begging to go trick or treating. Or, they start begging to see Santa Claus. I'm sorry y'all but I cannot make a paper chain for everything. We did one to count down to the first day of school, but I'm not about to spend a fortune on paper for chains. I already get bombed with advertisements on TV for the latest toy or gadget. And yes, Zander has already started the whole "Mommy! I have/need/want to have *fill in the blank with awesome new toy*" So as parents we usually play off with "well, maybe you need to ask Santa" for something that shows up after his birthday (and then write down the request to actually remember for "Santa"). I'm not sure if all kids have amazing memories like Zander, but this kids remembers everything. Especially if I told him "ask Santa for new ninja turtle slippers for Christmas". When he starts seeing signs of anything related to the holiday, well dangit obviously it's time to see Santa, Mommy! [face/palm]. I just can't handle it. Granted this is Ainsley's first year where she MIGHT actually get excited about something, but it's doubtful.

// One Holiday at a time, please!


If it's Sept 17 and we haven't even gotten to Halloween, I do NOT want to see a single reindeer or stocking. And if you're wondering: yes, I have seen Christmas decor in September, especially at the malls. So to the marketing genius that thought people want to plan ahead and have to see Santa to remind them: you're wrong. I know Christmas is Dec 25. I know Halloween is Oct 31. They're on the same day every year. I don't need a reminder in my face three months ahead of time.

// I want to feel excited.

 Because of the above mentioned reason, I tend to feel less excited when it does get closer to the holiday it's supposed to be. I don't know if it's because I'm an adult or because the decor being out for too long. I feel like it's the decorations though. From October on, the holidays have always made me happy and excited. Now after seeing stuff out for ages it just feels like the excitement isn't there anymore. Maybe it's just me.

So what are we taking away from this today? I still love the holidays, I really do. Especially Christmas. Call me a grump or a scrooge all you want, I just ask that stores chill out with advertising and decorations. Please? Does anyone else feel the same way?


  1. Ha! Kenzie is not old enough to understand it all yet, but I feel like this will be an issue when the times comes. I love holidays & seeing decor out.. I do feel it is a tad bit early for some Halloween decor already, though it is my fav holiday! But I will have my christmas tree & decor up probably the beginning of Nov since baby girl is due mid of Dec. I dont want to get behind on that!!!

  2. I totally see your point. I'm sure it'll be a problem when I have kids... for now I love it! Okay, maybe not the Christmas right now - but the halloween? Especially since it's so hot, it makes me hopefully the the cold is coming!

  3. I totally am feeling you. Ok I'll give you the Halloween stuff right now. Parents need time to plan. But Christmas stuff?? Seriously? At least wait until November. Cause I usually put up my Christmas things in right after thanksgiving.

  4. I love love LOVE that Halloween stuff is out now. I love Halloween it's my favorite time of the year!