Monday, August 10, 2015

Why People Need Creative Outlets

Y'all, let me tell you something. Without fully opening up on here, I must say I have been going through some craziness for the past several weeks. My home life has essentially been flipped upside down, and without going into too much detail, I've been a complete mess. It's shown in my (lack of) promoting sponsors, lack of interacting on social media, lack of reading and commenting on blog posts. Well, you get the idea.

Enter my creative outlet.

I've always had a deep love for art. I love drawing, painting, singing, all of it. Art to me is the best way to express yourself because there's no wrong way to do it. It's in art that I've been able to grab ahold of my creative outlet to get through these tough times.

A few weeks ago, you probably saw this on instagram.

This was the first time in over 10 years that I've actually sat down, and made an effort to just draw for the fun of it.
Y'all. I felt amazing just to draw. Ever since that day, I've really felt more relaxed. I'm incredibly grateful that I took a few moments for myself.

Since then, I've been drawing like crazy. Sometimes it's a silly doodle with Ainsley. Sometimes, it's like the bear up there and I make an effort for it to look nice. The only problem is I haven't had really good pencils for drawing. I had said something about not having great sketching materials to a friend's dad two weeks ago. I mentioned that I'm so glad that I'm back into drawing and I feel like I have "me" time again. The only downside is, I didn't have my charcoals and all that. But, I said that you work with what you have, right? Right!

Well, this past Friday, I got this in the mail. A totally, complete surprise from my friend's dad.

I seriously cried y'all. It's people like this that the world needs more of. I didn't ask for sketching things. I didn't say I needed them. He just sent them. I'm grateful to have him in my life.

After I got the drawing materials, I immediately starting sketching. For the longest time I've had this face in my head. I'm not sure who she is. And please forgive, because I'm really horrible at drawing people. But the happiness I felt while drawing her was so great. Loved it.

So, what I'm trying to say. If you don't have a creative outlet. Find one. It helps. I never knew how much I needed it until I just started drawing. For all of this, I'm grateful, and I'm starting this week on a happy note.

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