Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Love!

Happy New Year, Friends! 
I'm happy to announce that today, not only am I linking up with Meagan for Blogger Love, but I am also co-hosting with her! I'm beyond excited! Meagan has been a great person to sponsor this past month! LOVE HER!
All The Joys Friday Favorites
I learned something yesterday - my recovery day/ day off. Despite being 27 years old now, I am afraid I cannot party like I could in my early 20's. Don't get me wrong, New Year's Eve was a blast! But New Year's DAY was rough.

My mother in law came over to bring in the new year with Josh and I. I ended up being the only one drinking. Josh and I thought that she'd be spending the night since New Years with us usually means a few adult beverages and a traditional champagne toast at midnight.

Wrong, Melissa. No one wants to play your reindeer games.
This happened NYE...
She didn't want to spend the night so she only drank sparkling juice. That's all Josh drank too. But that was fine with me! More booze for me. Only someone forgot to remind me that my kids' version of "sleeping in" is 7 AM. Oops. Someone also forgot to remind me that because of the 7 AM wakeup call, and I not only drank a lot but also stayed up until after 1 AM. Ugh.
I was drunk but we were still super cute! xoxo
Thursday was a rough recovery day. But I survived. I'm at work today. Can someone fast forward to May now so I can have another long weekend? Pretty Please?
Actually, no. Now that I say that I don't want to fast forward just yet.

I do have a few things I'm looking forward to this new year. like...
Ainsley will be TWO and Zander will be FIVE.
Ok... I'm a little saddened by this too, because it means my babies getting older. I'm already planning their (joint) birthday party. It'll be zoo themed. Stay tuned for some fun pinterest inspired zoo decor!

My brother in law is getting married in Sept. 
We always take a trip to Jersey once a year. This year we're going later in the year to celebrate a WEDDING! Josh is the best man. He's nervous but I know he'll be great! Even if I have to help him write a speech.

Ok... well, I thought there'd be more than that. Oops. I'm sure there is, but I did have some favorite blog posts from this week, and that's kind of why we're really here today... right? right!

+ Christine // The So-Called Homemaker : Playground workout for Mom's on the go. Um, firstly I cannot say enough how much I LOVE THIS! I'm always trying to find new ways to switch up my workouts. Sure, I just got back into it after almost 5 months, BUT having variety helps. This is a great way to get outside with the kids and do something!

+ Liz // Simply Complex Mom: Entrapped. Y'all... Liz has a way with words. I have very few words that can describe this post, but if you haven't read it already... you should.

+ Kristyn // Chits & Giggles : We Chose Giving. What Kristyn and her husband did for Christmas is truly inspirational. I love to hear stories like this, and it's even better when it's someone I "know". Kristyn and her husband "adopted" a child for Christmas and filled her wish items for gifts. It's so sweet to see people helping other people in need this time of year!

+ Rebekah // The Straight Arrow : Taxi Safety Tips! Would y'all believe I've never ridden in a taxi? My experience with them goes about as far as seeing people whistle for them on movies and T.V. Shows. So, basically I'd be the one you'd see on the news being kidnapped. NOT ANYMORE thanks to Rebekah though! With these safety tips, even a NOOB like me will be OK!

Who were some of your favorites from this week? Or Last week? Link up with me and Meagan to share!
This weekend I'm looking forward to not doing anything. We've already taken the Christmas decorations down, so I get to have a weekend of relaxation and recovery! Lord knows I need it!

Happy Friday, Friends!
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  1. This is sooooooo funny!!! I can totally relate :) My husband fell asleep around 11:15, and I woke him up at 11:50 to open the bottle of champagne. We each drank a glass, fell asleep on the couch until close to 1:00 and went up to bed. Had a small headache from just that glass (and probably not enough water!!) and was very happy not to have had anymore, with out 6:50 wake-up call. Haha...blessings, sweet lady, and thank you soooo, soooo much for sharing!! xoxo

  2. Sorry...still laughing over "No one wants to play your reindeer games!" Seriously LOL'ing.

  3. I LOVED Liz and Kristyn's posts! There is a playground down the street from us, like walking distance. Do you think I'd be a weirdo to go work out there without a kid in tow??

  4. hahahahah I love seeing when people drunk smile in pictures, yours is super cute :)

  5. Thanks for the love, girl! So honored to make it on the blog twice this week. :)

  6. Sounds like 2015 started out a little rough haha :) Hope 2015 brings you many blessings!

  7. "Wrong, Melissa. No one wants to play your reindeer games." HAHAHAHAHA. You are hilarious. Poor thing, I would have celebrated with you!! :) I love your zoo-themed party idea! (Alright, I have to ask... what is a NOOB??)

  8. I'm only 24, but I also noticed a change in my ability to handle the late night partying. New Year's Day was definitely a rough time! Sounds like you had a good New Year's though! Also, those moonshine cherries can be killers!

  9. bahahaha Glad everyone seemed to like that. I say that kind of thing all the time when Josh doesn't want to play with me. For anything. Including drinks. hahaha!

  10. Um probably not since you're not a creepy looking psycho. ;) I say go for it! no harm in trying.

  11. I always love sharing your posts! They're always great! xoxo. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one that wasn't prepared to recover ;)

  12. hahaha I didn't even think about worrying about drunken smiles. Glad to hear it wasn't terrible. I would've posted the picture no matter what. ;)

  13. you're so welcome! I'm always happy to share the love!

  14. Um... well a little rough is a bit of an understatement considering my leave of absence! hahaha here's to a better rest of the year!

  15. NOOB as in someone that's never done something before. A Newbie so to speak. ;) lol. Glad you asked! Not sure if the zoo themed party will still make it, but we'll try. Even if it is next month. They won't know the difference right?

  16. LOL it's been getting steadily more difficult to recover as I get older. glad to see I'm not alone! Thanks for stopping by

  17. Bless your heart!! I hope everything is better now.