Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dear Running Shoes...

Dear Running Shoes, I've missed you more than I thought I would.

Strange statement, I know... strange but true.

Allow me to explain. On Monday of this week, I put on my running shoes for the first time in about 5 months. I say 5 months because YES, there was ONE DAY when I went running before Thanksgiving, but it doesn't count. I've managed to run every day (so far) since Monday this week, and oh my goodness how I've missed it.

On Monday, Amanda at Keeping up With the Haneys posted a very similar post to this one I'm writing today. I want to point that out because I have no intention to copy her post... I'm simply putting my thoughts to "paper" internet.

Monday I got home from work and it was just me and the dog. It was the first day that we'd had him that he was home all day long by himself. He did a really amazing job, btw. Nothing was torn up and there were no accidents. Proud fur mommy! So we went outside and played soccer in the backyard. Translation: I threw a torn up soccer ball for him and he played keep away while I talked to Kendra.

After soccer, he seemed like he was good and worn out. But I wasn't I had energy still. I wanted to do something. Texts with Christine led to me getting my running walking shoes on.
texts with Christine. We have priorities. ;)
I put them on with every intention to just walk with the dog. I had no idea how he'd do on the leash for a long walk. Sure we've taken small walks around the neighborhood with the kids, but nothing like what I was planning. I wanted to walk and get my heart rate up, I was craving the adrenaline rush that comes from the cardio.

My pace quickened and before I knew it, Gambit and I were running around the block. I had every intention to just go a few feet. A few feet turned into a whole mile. (Thanks, map my run for tracking that for me). I'm still recovering from a cold, so after the mile I declared we were done. I knew we still had to get back to the house. Walking back I called Amanda, thrilled that I had actually ran a whole mile!

I learned something that Monday. Well, I learned a lot of somethings.
1. I really... I mean really missed running! I never really considered myself a runner. I always dreaded that part of gym class. For some reason now, I just really enjoy running. I enjoy the freedom it gives me.
2. Gambit is an excellent running partner! I really swear this dog has had training previously because he does SO well on the leash. When I broke into a slow jog he kept pace perfectly. When I broke into the run he got EXCITED! You could tell this dog was smiling. He really enjoys running! Plus, he looks super scary so- automatic body guard!
3. With Gambit being cooped up in the house all day while we're at work, this is an excellent way for him to get all of that pent up energy out in a healthy way. After the run, he was BEAT. Even walking back to the house I could tell he was done. He played a little more after the kids came home, but he was beat. This is good because he's still very much puppy and this way he doesn't chew anything he's not supposed to at night. This was him after the run, before my shower. "I'm done, mom".
4. I really need to start using My Fitness Pal again. I added the app back onto my phone. I added Amanda on Monday. It's time to get back into the swing of things. If you use it, add me. MCam87

So... this is a lot of rambling, but that's why we're here, right? (Get it? The Rambling Llama?) haha. Anyhoo... I get this kind of sounds like a new years resolution, but it's not really. Not in my mind. This is me remembering how much I love being active and getting back into it. This is me being overly annoying about talking about working out again. Hey, it's on my sidebar. I gotta blog about it at least a little bit, right?
Have you gotten back into an old routine and fell back in love lately?
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  1. I can not wait to start getting active again, well I can get out & walk now but I want to wait a bit with Mina being little. I do not run, but I love walking & doing a little exercise. I can not wait til my 6 week check up for the okay to be more active! Wish we were close by, I could use motivation! && You go girl, being active & healthy is an awesome feeling! <3 <3

  2. Walking Bear each day is one of my favorite things. It's so nice to just get out of the house for a while and let him explore.

  3. Ohhh, I miss running! We are in the middle of some frigid weather right now. My biggest challenge is what to do with the girls. It would either be getting up super early, which doesn't really pan out too well for me :), or after they go to bed...and my husband's hours tend to go later in the evening, so it makes it hard. Good for you!! I hope you can keep up with it. I love it!! xo

  4. That is awesome that he is such a good running partner! Motivation at its finest. I wish my dog ran, he's more of a lay-around and snuggle type of guy :)

  5. exactly! it's so much fun. Today we saw a bunny and a family of deer. WILDLIFE! hahaha

  6. That's part of what I struggle with, too. I'm not an early morning person... which would be most ideal. and Josh's schedule is kind of unpredictable some nights so this week there's been a few nights where we ran at like 9:00 at night. but we did it!!

  7. he really is great motivation. and no joke, today when we walked with the kids, he kept trying to break into a run and when we didn't, he gave me this look like, "really mom? really??" so pitiful. he's a good snuggle bug too though. best of both worlds.!

  8. you'll absolutely get there! that's how I felt after Ainsley. I just wanted to GO! don't rush too much though. slow and steady wins the race.

  9. PROUD OF YOU!!! And, this is so encouraging - you are inspiring me to get back into my own running routine/schedule!!

  10. Yay for jogging!!! I can't do the running thing....but I have been going for long walks with Lance. Keep it up!!! 2015 is a new you and Gambit!

  11. I am so happy that you've fallen back in love with running! I love it too.

  12. YES! do it! I've been back into it since being home. Even if it is FREEZING outside! I'm just loving being able to go outside at all!! LOL