Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bloggers Give it 100 // #BloggerBooty Challenge: Recap

Happy Wednesday, Y'all! Who's ready to officially spend the next 100 days staying active and motivating each other? For the kick off of Bloggers Give it 100, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on my past 30 days. If y'all are new around here Christine and Jaelan hosted a Blogger Booty Challenge for June. 3,000 squats for the whole month. I ACCEPTED. And y'all... I did it!

In true Llama fashion though, I couldn't JUST do the squats. I mean how boring would that be? So in addition to the squats, I decided to incorporate this workout.

I had to do the math for this particular workout because it seemed like a lot. (it was). Each day I did this, I ended up doing the following.
275 Jumping Jacks
110 Crunches
95 Squats (If I stuck to this) but I did 100 squats a day for #BloggerBooty.
80 Pushups

The Good?
This particular challenge helped keep me moving most every single day for June. I can absolutely tell a difference in my butt and upper leg muscles. Sorry, y'all I don't have a before and after picture. The really good part was I did something for a full 30 days. Hey, I've done it once before in March, so why not now? So basically, this was all good. Especially now that I'm finally starting to see muscle definition. Something I have not seen since high school! Yikes!

The Bad?
There were some days when I totally slacked in the squats. Like to the point where some days I'd have to do 200 or 300 squats to just catch up. In all fairness though, some days I did more just to get ahead to where I didn't have to do any some weekends. Who seriously wants to do squats on weekends? Not me. I did though if I had to. But in all seriousness, there really wasn't much bad. I did something good for me. Something good for my body. Where's the bad in that? I think none!

The Ugly?
Sweaty snapchats. Sorry not even sorry though, y'all. The sweat was real. Mostly the fact that I incorporated jumping jacks and push ups into all of June was ugly, too. Let me in on a secret to ladies that are not moms yet... After you have kids, you lose the ability to control your bladder if it's shaken too much. So 275 jumping jacks a DAY will definitely make you pee on yourself. Not pretty. At all. But, hey, real life.

So, what did I actually do?

Well, obviously I did the 3,000 squats. Let me tell y'all. The first three days of that was the hardest. Going to the bathroom and stairs were my worst enemy.

The rest, I didn't do all 30 days for June. However, I did do 21 days. After doing a bit more simple math, here are my totals:
5,775 jumping jacks.
3,000 squats.
2,310 crunches.
1,680 push ups.

Ouch. Ouch. and, yep... Ouch. BUT SO WORTH IT. Y'all, there's a good chance if I keep up daily pushups I can actually do a real one before the year is over and not have to do a "girlie" push up!

So on that note. Here's to the start of doing something for a full 100 days!! Are you going to try and eat better? Walk? Let us know! link up and share your highs or lows every Wednesday!

You can have results or excuses... not both. Get up and MOVE!

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  1. You go mama!! And yes going to the potty is a pain when you are doing squats! I haven't done any since I found out I was pregnant with Mina! I dread them. Lol.

  2. Haha!! They're a pain for sure but my quads look amazing! Totally worth it

  3. Woohoo! You're going to rock the next 100 days!

  4. WOW, awesome work....that's really great girl! I love the challenge :)

  5. AMAZING. So proud of you! I'm starting the Bloggers Give It 100 today. Not sure how, but I'll do SOMETHING, and isn't that the point?! PS - Is there a hashtag??

  6. You know it! #bloggersgiveit100 :) so glad you're joining us!!

  7. Way to go Melissa. That's really impressive. I need to get up and work out more. I find it much easier when I can make it a regular part of my daily routine. It's just making sure my routine doesn't change!


  8. Thats so awesome! Congrats on all of your achievements this past month!

  9. Thank you so much!! I'm looking for something new now!! Lol. I did 100 crunches today

  10. Thanks so much!! Hard work pays off

  11. Haha thank you!! Setting small goals totally helps me

  12. You kicked butt, friend! I am so proud of you. You're motivating me to get back in gear. We're going to the gym today...yay!!

  13. So awesome girl!! You are so inspirational!! I need to get my booty moving...time to finally get rid of the extra baby weight.