Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Household Jams + Meet Kati!

Y'all, I'm a super fun person to fold laundry with. Allow me to explain. Each laundry folding / putting away session always turns into a dance party. I cannot fold laundry without listening to music. Jams just make the dreaded task go by faster.

I don't listen to the radio though. I have several mixed CD's I go to so I don't have to listen to commercials or worry about a song coming on that I don't care for. I would call these my guilty pleasure songs, but given that I've got Kati on my sidebar I can't bring myself to say it. (Kati doesn't believe in guilty pleasures!) So here's some of my favorite jams that may or may not be current.

Hot Chelle Rae. Tonight Tonight.
The first line... "It's been a really really messed up week" accurately describes most of my weeks. The fun beat and silly lyrics make this a good one to dance to.

Weird Al. White & Nerdy.
This is just my life in the form of a song. Can't help but dance.

Kelly Clarkson. I Do Not Hook Up.
Because why not? Kelly... fun beat... I don't hook up... so yeah. Dance away!

Cascada. Evacuate the Dance Floor.
OK... confession time. This is on the first Dance Central game. So when this song comes on, I totally stop what I'm doing and break out the dance routine from the game.

Tag Team. Whoomp! (There It Is)
I'll end with this one because "Tag team back again".

Now since Kati was mentioned, I felt it was only fitting that I let y'all get to know her a little better. Kati shares my love for music. Her blog is so unique, and I love that. We all see the blogs with make up do's and don'ts, the fashion posts, the DIY's... on and on. Which I LOVE as well, I mean I do still read those. Kati on the other hand, is full of music, new artists, travel, and real life.

Describe yourself in four words.

I really love your blogging style. What made you start blogging?
When I first graduated I wanted to keep myself surrounded by music, art, entertainment, photography...the topics my blog is run by. Constantly Seeking Wonder became that outlet. 

You're a new addition to the crayon box. Which color would you be, and why?
Tyrian Purple. It's the color my blog theme is based around. It has a rich history that I find fascinating. How the color was originally made it didn't fade easily, but instead grew brighter and stronger through wear. I like to see the parallels to myself and my life. Plus it was always a color associated with royalty which is just fun because who doesn't want to pretend they're a queen? 

What's the best advice you've ever gotten about blogging?
Be yourself. For a long time I worried nobody would want to read about the things I was passionate about because they weren't the normal blog topics. People don't want to read you pretending to be someone else just to "fit in". Your love of what you're doing and talking about is what will drive people to read your blog. 

What's your favorite movie quote?
This specific quote is on my blog business card and from my all time favorite movie.

William Miller: What do you love about music?
Russell Hammond: To begin with, everything.
-Almost Famous

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I'm a carboholic. I have a problem. This is my go-to comfort food. There's so many ways to eat it too. I would never get bored. Now I want pasta...

How great is she, y'all? I also want pasta now! LOL.
So what's your favorite household chore jam? This was a giant excuse for me to share some of my favorite songs. LOL

Want to follow Kati... simple!!
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  1. I'll fold laundry with you anytime! Whoomp (There It Is) is my jam!

  2. I put on the Panic At The Disco pandora station to jam out to any time I'm cleaning my house hehe.

  3. I need to go by your laundry-folding philosophy. I've apparently taken all the fun out of it!

  4. I love really pumped up jams for household chores. The only downfall is I usually get too into dancing and singing along that I end up doing more of that. OOPS. Thanks for the lovely feature - you said such kind things :)

  5. yeeeees i love that you have a specific playlist for laundry! it does sound like a hoot to fold laundry with you haha! i love that you shared your favorite songs too, they got me wanting to dance!

    also yes to all the pasta kati, YES

  6. OMG these songs are going to be stuck in my head ALL DAY.

  7. Mission accomplished!! lol. I listen to Cascada on repeat some days!

  8. lol it totally helps getting the task done. PLUS dancing = cardio! right?! lol. glad I got you dancing on a Friday! and definitely yes to the pasta!

  9. LOL, I totally do that do. Dancing leads to me getting cardio end and I forget about folding things. oops! Thanks soo much for making my sidebar so pretty! xoxo

  10. YES! it makes it so much more enjoyable. I also have two little helpers that are constantly unfolding everything for me. haha

  11. omg panic at the disco is amazing!! such a great station to clean to! :D

  12. I LOVE jamming out when doing chores...good picks! I love Kati's blog too, it's always great getting to know bloggers better :)

  13. Music while doing chores? Yes! A definite must. Heading over to check out Kati's blog! That's a new one for me. She sounds fun!

  14. Kati IS a lot of fun. I love her music posts. I've found a lot of new artists and songs because of her!!

  15. Agreed!! You have to make the boring chores fun somehow right?? And isn't Kati the best??

  16. Anything country goes for a good dance party although I'm partial to Two of A Kind, Working on a Full House!