Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, The Rambling Llama!

A year ago today, I hit that scary little orange publish button.
To be fair, I did have a previous blog but thanks to Google completely deleting it, there is no record of it ever existing. So even though TECHNICALLY I started blogging in April (?) It's The Rambling Llama's birthday!!! My first post is here. When Amanda and I tried to have a #TBT link up. Sheesh... that was rough. No one ever wanted to come play with us on Thursdays. She was Peaches in Missouri at that point. Wow. So much has changed.
Well... maybe not THAT much... because this is still true:

I'm not really sure if I knew I'd be where I am now when I started blogging. I started because Amanda said "hey your funny kid stories would make a great blog". She pushed me a lot to start one. She finally had to help me. You have her to thank for me being here now. I'm really not sure where I'll be this time next year. Hopefully with more followers, if not... oh well...

What I do know is this: 

|| I really enjoy blogging. I've found this to be a really enjoyable hobby. I can get random thoughts out. Share things I never dreamed of sharing with the world. The possibilities are endless.

|| I didn't plan on having my amazing tribe. These ladies are seriously the best. Our bloggy pow wows are something I look forward to each month.

|| It's OKAY to break the "blogging rules". Don't do this for the rules. Do this because it's something you enjoy.

|| I'm not a fashion blogger. I cannot throw together cute outfits, photograph them, and display them for the world to see. As much as I love cute clothes, I can't pull this off. Except for when I'm given free clothes and forced to take pictures. And that's ok.

|| Meeting strangers you've met online in person at blogger functions is a lot less scary after you've talked to them for over a year.

|| Those "strangers" you've grown close to will ensure that no matter where you go in the world, you will almost always have someone to meetup with, talk "shop" and have fun.

|| Gifs can make or break your post. Sure, they're fun and entertaining, but choose your gifs wisely, friends. Kasey does this wonderfully!

|| Oversharing excites people. When I feel like I hit publish on something that is really hard for me to share, y'all EAT THAT STUFF UP! lol!!
I'm not typical
|| Blogging is a perfectly acceptable way to list random things out. Who doesn't love a great list?

|| If you disappear for an entire month without any notice, people you've never met in real life will worry about you.

I've learned a lot from blogging. I've learned a lot about community, empowering other people, and what real friendship and real prayer is all about. I've also learned a lot about myself. I almost feel like finding this hobby has made me a better person.

It's also totally OK to go through old blog posts and use pictures that some new readers may not have ever seen. Like I've done today. So there's that.

Happy Friday, y'all! Thanks for sticking around for a whole year. Here's to many MANY more! Don't worry, Cassie, I won't quit on you, yet. ;)

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  1. YAY! On one year! You've come so far and I'm so glad we have you in the blogging world :) Here's to the next year being even better and bringing bigger things!

  2. Thank you! I'm so glad to have "met" so many amazing women thanks to blogging. Women like you!! Happy Friday!!

  3. Happy Blogging Birthday! Here's to many more!

  4. Love this! And so true about the GIFs. They're the best.


  6. hahaha right? they either make or break a post! thank you!!

  7. thanks, dear! so happy to have found you through the blog world! now when are we meeting?? haha

  8. THIS is why I love you. it's like "you're welcome" *drops mic* hahaha.

  9. aww!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LLAMA! So glad you joined this crazy world of blogging a year ago! :) XOXO!!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! I'm glad you hit that scary orange button. Otherwise I would not have found my bloggy soulmate!! PS, #pizzaeveryday

  11. yayayay happy anniversary!!!!! i'm glad amanda kept pestering you to start a blog -yay! also HILARIOUS photo that says you're a creeper. love it. can't wait to see where you are next year!

  12. LOL. I had a blog post somewhere last year with that picture in it. so glad Amanda kept on me as well. :) Thanks for all of the support! you're the best!

  13. Thanks sooo much! :) I'm so happy we met in this big blogging world, too! :)

  14. #pizzaalldayeveryday! yessss! So happy we connected. yay for bloggy soul mates! lol

  15. thank youuu!!! :) I'm so happy I joined too. y'all are seriously the best! XOXO

  16. HOW DID I NOT COMMENT ON THIS?! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You're such a light in the blogging world! Keep it up!

  17. thank you soo much!!! you're so kind and such an inspiration! love you, friend!! xoxo!