Monday, June 1, 2015

Playing Catch Up... Currently Style

How much did y'all miss me last week? I have no excuses for my absence other than the fact that I didn't really want to publish any of the crap that's sitting in my drafts. I know my tribe understands, and I hope everyone else does too. I didn't want to go without hitting publish for a second week in a row, so what better to play catch up than with a Currently post. Plus I haven't done one in awhile. 

So I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend this past weekend cause I know I did! Grab some coffee and let's play catch up. 

Loving: Seeing my kids grow. I never realized fully how much I was really missing when I was working full time. Now, I can see Zander learning to comprehend math problems and learning to read. With Ainlsey I'm seeing her vocabulary grow. I'm also absolutely loving the fact that I know I'm raising sweet, caring kids that actually listen to me. 

Reading: Absolutely nothing. I started reading Confessions of a Shopaholic since I never actually finished it years ago, but it's been a few days since I've picked it up. I'm trying to catch up on blog reading though 

Feeling: Excited. This Sept my brother in law is getting married and we'll be there for a week. I'm more excited about next Summer though. Josh finally agreed that we need to start taking REAL family vacations. Each year he uses his vacation time for us to take a trip to Jersey to spend a week with his family. While I love seeing them, I've been begging for years to take a real family trip somewhere. Beaches, mountains, something. Just somewhere the kids have never been or seen and somewhere we can bond as a family. I took trips like this all throughout my childhood, and they are my best memories. 

Watching: on T.V. most of my favorite shows are on breaks. So mostly at night Josh and I have been catching up on movies that one or both of us haven't seen. I finally saw the new TMNT movie this past weekend. LOVED IT! 

Writing: I have NOT been on top of this writing business as of late. Seriously, there's a million drafts over here on blogger, but zero posts going live. Did y'all see all the emptiness from last week? Yikes. 

Listening: Is anyone else obsessing over Andy Grammer's "Honey I'm Good"? I seriously made it my new ring tone for when Josh calls me. Not only is it the perfect ring tone for us, but I get to hear it at least 5 times a day! 

 to find a pool closer to our house than my mother in law's house. I love that we can go there each weekend and swim for free, but the distance is almost not even worth the gas. If I have ANY Walton County, GA residents reading my blog... please tell me where y'all swim (outside). I'm determined to teach the kids to swim and it'd be easier if I could go during the week while Josh works. 
Needing: To get some kids to watch for the summer. NOT the neighbor kids that I watch every now and then. I'm talking kids to watch that will bring in some extra income. Extra income that we really need right now so we can stop playing "which bill gets juggled this month?" 

Hoping: To get some much needed community service hours completed this week. We have a birthday party we'd like to attend this coming Saturday. Saturday's are normally when I get my hours in so if I can't get someone to watch the kids during the week then we'll have to miss the party. Fingers crossed someone can come through! 

Avoiding: Cleaning the house. It's gotten bad over the weekend. Which is surprising because  we weren't home all weekend. Not sure how THAT happened. 

Wishing: To hang out with Kristyn again soon! We had a blast at Stone Mountain a few weeks ago.

Trying: To be better with food choices. I've been really great about staying active lately, but my food choices have been less than impressive! Seriously if y'all check my fitness pal lately you would be shaking your heads in disappointment at what I've been eating. Some days I'm not even meeting my calorie intake goals... which is bad cause I know my metabolism is dropping! HELP! 

Hating: Watching the neighbor kids. Officially. I know it's a horrible thing for me to say, but I just can't anymore. For several reasons. 1) neighbor has stopped paying. So right there I can't anymore. It's not worth my time. 2) his oldest is a bully and thinks he's the boss over everyone. and 3) the youngest stomped on Zander's glasses last week. I had to pile 4 kids into my tiny car to get to the eye doctor to see if they could fix them. Luckily they were able to... also learned we have a warranty on his frames if they couldn't fix them that day. 

Missing: Being able to hang out with a bunch of my close friends on the weekends. Amanda, I'm looking at you! I love meeting and making new friends, but there's something about your super close friends that you've known forever that you can't replace. 

Praying: I've been praying about a lot lately. Seriously though, who hasn't? Right now I am praying hard about a Church that we went to yesterday with some friends. I'm wondering if it's going to be our new family Church. 

Thinking: Starting this week I'm going to spend at least an hour writing each night before bed. As a way to get my thoughts out, and maybe (hopefully) as a way to get some blog posts POSTED. 

So what have y'all been up to? I'm still playing catch up with blog reading. Bear with me. Comments might come in the form of llama email spam. LOL. Happy Monday! Happy JUNE! Cannot believe this year is flying by so quickly. Let's make this a good week! 
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  1. You've been up to a lot more than I've been! I'm actually not reading anything lately either and it's really weird for me!

  2. Yeah, my nights used to be for reading and now everything is all different lol!!

  3. Yes! We need to plan our next meetup. And let's make it somewhere that I don't get lost? HAHA! Possibly without the kiddos if we can make that happen. But they are cute kids when Ainsley gets a nap! I have tons of books I can lend you if you find the time to get some reading done.

  4. Oh girl...I feel you about not being good at blogging lately! :( as you might have noticed I again didn't have anything today..ugh..I hate blogging brain freeze. I'm going to try and get some stuff out though this week! It's been hard for me to find stuff TO read. Lol! I love reading though.. :) hope you had a great weekend!

  5. I love Currently posts! Totally get the not posting things - I go through those spurts too. (but you already knew that!)

  6. Yes to all of this!! The day Ainsley didn't nap was a total fluke. She's getting two year old molars & therefore fighting food and sleep. It's super fun at my house right now (not). Lol. I'd love any books! Or at least suggestions so I can get to the library

  7. The struggle is real!! Lol. The weekend was good. Pool day and awesome Church service!!

  8. Lol I do. But I think it's good not to force a post out. I had so much going on and still do. I didn't even get it all out here.

  9. Blog breaks are healthy and refreshing! We all have those draft folders haha.

  10. those pool pictures (AND SNAPS!) too adorable. also honey I'm good!!

  11. I freaking love that song so much right now!! I let my phone ring a little longer when josh calls lol.

  12. I've had Confessions of A Shopaholic on my bookshelf for AGES but never read it. I love the movie though. Maybe that should be my summer beach read.

  13. I've had it for years. Amanda @ knock on wood gave it to me. I think I would like it as much as the movie. I just need to actually read lol

  14. LOVE that you're back. I missed you of course! I love that you have an opportunity to get your kids in the water. it's always a blast. I'm glad you're sticking up for yourself with the neigbor kids, it's a hard spot but you need to do what is best with your family. I can't wait to see you in September! I was just talking about it today!! Counting down the days!

  15. Missed you! So glad you're going to start taking family vacations soon. That's so important! And I would refuse to watch those kids anymore if they're not paying. You have no obligation to them, especially since the children are so ill-behaved.

  16. It's like 3 months away now. Seriously so soon!! Ainsley is funny with the water. She loves it but she's also very hesitant. Zander is a regular fish but he was the same as Ainsley at this age. It's funny. That's why I want to go more than just the weekends so they'll both love it. I was on the swim teams all the way from 8 years old until I graduated high school. So swimming is special to me.
    And yes! Thanks for the support. You gotta do what you gotta do right?

  17. Missed you too!! I'm still playing catch up something fierce lol. I seriously did a happy dance when josh told me about family vacations. He even made it Facebook official and posted as his status that after the wedding we'd be taking family vacas!! Lol. We used to camp on an island off of st Augustine in fl. I'd love to be able to do that with the kids! And yes... I hate that I had to put my foot down so hard but I cannot justify keeping them anymore.

  18. I've missed you on here! But I totally get the whole "need a break" thing. And YAY for summer!! Hope you find a pool close by...we spend our summers in the water! :)

  19. All of my posts last week were scheduled! And oh my
    goodness, I bet I have you beat on the eating crap part! Disney had so much
    junk food options and not a whole lot of healthy options. Plus, who wants to
    eat healthy while on vacation at Disney? Also, we are convinced their foods are
    full of MSG. We all retained so much water and always felt so full. Eh! And
    your neighbor stopped paying? What? That’s wrong on so many levels! Did she
    tell you why she stopped?

  20. I hope so too! I love the water of any kind! I've missed you too!

  21. I am so behind on reading. I didn't read anything last week either!! Lol.
    I can only imagine how bad Disney food is but so tastey!! Lol!!
    The neighbor (he... Single dad)... Claims he can't afford it anymore. I'll have to message you all about that in a little bit.

  22. First of all, You are such a copy cat and I'm sticking my tongue out at you like we're 6 years old on the playground.

    Second, I miss you too! We got some good news the other day and it turns out we will be able to spend a few more days in GA before our cruise in Dec. So maybe we can get together when we come down :)

    Third. I'm praying for you. For all the reasons.

  23. That pool is awesome!! It's your MIL's?? Your kids must love going over there! The Shopaholic books are totally cute, once you get into them. Good summer reads! I hope you guys get to the party this weekend, and I hope you find your place with a church. We're still trying the new one out, hoping it becomes somewhere we feel comfortable.

  24. I totally thought I had replied to this last weekk... I guess not. lol. but yes thats MILs pool. we have a blast there!
    I need to just pick the book up and read at night or somethign. lol. good luck with your church searches!

  25. I AM a copy cat and happy to say so. :)

    I miss you more. it was fun chatting last night lol. I CANNOT WAIT for Dec now!! EEEEKK!!! I'll be able to drive then (still) so yes. yes please!

    prayers for you too friend!