Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why I Won't Go To Your Kid's Birthday

Kid's birthday parties. I'm sure you've been invited to at least one in your lifetime as an adult. Right? If not, well, either your friends don't have kids yet or you just flat out refuse to go to one. And I don't blame you. For me kid birthdays are my nightmare. And yes, I have children. Sure we go to a few kid parties. I'm not a horrible mom that keeps her kids away from all of the fun. There are, however some parties I will RSVP "no" to.

Poor Planning. 
I hate that this even needs to be brought up, but if you're inviting me FOUR DAYS prior to the actual party. It's a hell no. I literally had someone MAIL a birthday party invite. I actually got excited cause her son is about the same age as Zander. Mail invitations usually mean the party is at least 2-3 weeks away and I'd have time to plan. Nope. This one showed up yesterday for a party that's on Saturday at 3:00. Not going. We've already made plans. Hate to say it but she probably won't have anyone there.

We Don't Socialize Frequently. 
I'm an extrovert and can make friends with the wall. It's true. But even I have my limits. There's certain people that I just cannot socialize with comfortably. These people are the ones that it's painful to make small talk with and you just can't bring yourself to be around them in any social setting. I'm not putting myself through that torture.

I Don't Want to Buy a Gift.
There. I said it. I don't want to do it. I don't even like buying my kids random toys that they don't even play with 15 minutes after they've opened it. WHY would I want to do it for your kid? It's a painful process going through the toy aisle with a five year old. It's not fun. If I don't have to do it, I'm not going to. And yes, I have said no because of this reason. Of course I've worded it much nicer.

I've Never Even Heard of Your Kid. 
Zander is usually pretty good about expressing clearly who his "best friends" are. The ones he talks about non stop, and always asks if they can come over. Then we'll randomly get an invite for a kid that he's never mentioned. This kind of ties into the not socializing frequently, but on the kid level. If my kid knows yours is in his class but they never talk about each other, why invite them? I get not wanting to leave anyone out, but think about what's going to be fun for your kid. You DON'T Have to invite the whole class "just because".

Luckily, Zander only got a few birthday party invites during the school year last year. All other parties we've been to have been SUPER close friends of ours, and it was an obvious yes. But going into kindergarten this year and the invites are likely to pour in, this is why we'll say no.

Moms, are you with me on this?

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  1. I think a lot of parents feel like they have to invite the whole class or somebody will be offended. But I'm with you, I think it's silly and a waste of everybody's money.

  2. Right?? As someone that's on a super limited budget I just can't fathom having 22 (or more) kids!! And I'm not paying for one of those party place things. We usually have something at the house or a park. So I'm planning months ahead. I just don't get it. Why would you send invites the week of???

  3. I didn't go to a lot of kids birthday parties growing up and the parties I had were always mostly family. My family didn't have or want to spend a ton of money just on a party alone...Now I see it as a waste lol but of course I don't have kids...

  4. Ugh, I don't have children, nor do I get invites to many children's birthday parties-but I can still totally understand your reasoning.

  5. Ugh...yes, I'm totally with you! We went to a party on Saturday where the kid had preschool friends, kinder friends, church friends, family, and family friends. It was super awkward and weird. But she seemed to have a great time and so did Claire. BUT...I did not! :)

  6. I'm not going to your kid's birthday party because I'm an adult with no children + someone would probably call the police.. #strangerdanger

  7. I hear you! I usually let E decide and go with it, but I realllllly dislike standing there while I don't know anyone else. Not so fun!

  8. Not fun at all! Luckily the ones Zander had said yes to aren't too awkward lol. Yet...

  9. Haha what so I can't invite you to Zander's 6th birthday?? Lol!!

  10. That's the worst! It's good the kids had fun, but for you I'm sure wine was needed later lol!! I'm glad everyone can relate. I couldn't believe I had gotten the invite the week of this one party this week though!!

  11. Lol. Just for fun I'm inviting you to the kids' parties at the beginning of the year just so you can experience one!! Haha GA TRIP!

  12. Ditto as a kid! I never had my first real party until I was 18, with Amanda lol. Zander's 1st & 2nd birthdays were just family. No party @ 3.... 4 he actually had friends to invite so we did but it was a joint party for Ainsley too. Then this year... Well Jan happened so no party lol