Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Project Date Your Kids

Growing up. It's something kids look forward to, but something parents dread. As parents though, it's up to us to make sure kids have a good grounding and what to expect for when they do grow up. This includes learning how to date.

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Our kids are still at ages where we don't need to be concerned about who they're dating yet. Thank goodness. But that doesn't change the fact that they are forever watching my husband and I and taking everything in. What you do as parents and how you act impact your kids at a very young age.

Josh and I hug and kiss each other in front of the kids. Not only because we love each other, but because we want the kids to know it is okay to show affection. I grew up in a home where affection really wasn't shown all that much. I want the kids to be okay with hugs and kisses.

We have yet to actually take either of the kids on a "date", but it's absolutely something we plan on doing. It's important for them to know acceptable dating behavior. I have several friends that have taken their older kids on dates. The dads will take the daughters out and the moms will take the sons. They all dress up and go on a genuine date.

Some ideas I had for taking Zander on a date included the typical dinner and a movie. We'd probably start with some Chick Fil A and go to a movie he'd enjoy.

This is still new to us though, so any tips or date ideas would be appreciated! Have you dated your kids? What do y'all do together?

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  1. One of the dates my husband would go on with each of our three daughers was a fancy dinner, dressed up, the whole works. This happened when they got older so it would be instilled in them how a man should treat a woman on a date. They would pick out a dress, get all pretty and he would take it to the extreme. Flowers, door openings, etc. They would talk about wrong/right behavior and one date was instead of my daughter going to her prom, she went on a dinner date with her dad instead.

  2. I definitely think it's so important to show affection in front of your kids! Good for you!

  3. thank you!! When josh gets moody and tries to push me away from a hug I have to remind him the kids are watching. cause they'll absorb that too

  4. I love that she went on a date with her dad instead! That's so amazing. (and probably much cheaper than prom too!) SUCH a great way to teach the girls!!

  5. I love that you show affection in front of your kids! So good for them to see Mom and Dad loving on each other. As for dating our kids, we love it! We've been taking Claire on dates since she was about 2. When she was that little, it was as simple as going to the park, walking the dog together, etc. Now we let her choose the date. She usually picks dinner and a movie, but sometimes she just wants to go to Target to buy something she's saved her money for! Her love language is quality time, so these little moments mean the world to her! It's so fun to see her light up!

  6. I think showing affection in front of your kids is so so important! Mason has said a couple of times, "I love you like my Daddy loves you" or has commented on how much we love each other a few times. Love it!

  7. Showing affection in front of your kids is important! My parents always did and I am a really touchy huggy person as a result (I hugged all of my teachers until I got to high school HA) - I didn't even know it wasn't what everyone did until I met my husband. He thought it was so refreshing how often I would tell him I love him - openly, without prompt, and even in front of other people. Apparently that's not a common Irish trait - who knew?!
    The girls are too little for dates really but I have ideas - there is a drive in theater 10 minutes away that I'd love to take Bug to, take some snacks and a sleeping bag to snuggle up in, in the back of the truck while we watch a movie. Or dress up really girly and go to afternoon tea and have a walk in the park. I hope I remember to do these things!!

  8. Yes! Zander and Ainsley both will hug up on us and say love you randomly. I know it's because they see josh and I doing it. It warms my heart. I bet the girls would love those dates!

  9. That is just the sweetest thing ever!! Mason is a little sweetie. He's got great parents though so it's no surprise.

  10. I've seen some of the dates she picks out and I must say she's got great taste! Esp the theater! Lol. y'all are so great with both kids

  11. I think showing affection in front of your kids is very, very important. I think you're doing it right :)

  12. thanks, lady!! :) it's good to hear we're doing something right. haha.