Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Snapchat Tips and Tricks!

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About a month ago I posted a tweet asking if anyone else used SnapChat. Melissa answer and a few tweets, SnapChats and emails later here we are... sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks to an app that we're kinda crazy about! 

I've had this app for way over a year, but it's been over the last few months that my friends and I have started using it more than sending regular text messages. Yes, we're the weirdo's walking around town looking like we're taking selfies every two minutes. I had to up my data plan because of this app people! 

While Melissa is diving a little deeper into app over on my blog, I'm going to cover the basics.

SNAP CHATSThey're pretty much exactly like they sound. 

Snap a picture
I would just like to point out that this doesn't always have to be a selfie. We use it to send pictures of outfits as we try them on in the dressing rooms or of other random things without having to clutter up our phone's photo gallery.

Add some text/emoji
It kinda sucks that you're limited to <31 characters, but we've found fun ways to get around that. Such as using specific emojis for people rather than actually typing out their names. Not only was it fun to sit down and decide which person got which emoji, but it's kinda fun because should they see it they don't know we're talking about them.

Decide how long people get to view it for
This can be anywhere from 1 second to 10 seconds. Keep in mind that people can screen shot a snap so if you're sending a really embarrassing face, keep it quick.

Swipe for filters should you want to add them 
I thought I got screen shots of all the options but apparently I didn't. Sorry. 

Send it on it's merry way
Select which of your lucky friends gets to receive it and click send! Don't forget you can add it to your story too. For more on that visit my blog where Melissa is talking about it.

This really isn't any different than sending a text message other than the fact that once the person's read it, it's gone. This has really come in handy when planning surprises and complaining about spouses.

That's right! You can send videos. They're limited to 10 seconds so talk fast ;-)

This is a new feature that I haven't really tried out to much, but that I'm pretty excited about! When you're both in the text chat you'll notice that the yellow icon on the right will turn blue. All you've gotta do is hold it down to send live video to your friend. If they hold it down as well.. It'll start a live chat! You can switch cameras my dragging your finger up or down. If you don't want to keep your finger on the screen the whole time then just drag your finger to the little lock icon that is floating around the bottom of the screen!

Alrighty folks! That's all the fun that I've got for you today. I know you're a little less scared to use SnapChat now. Head over to my blog to see what Melissa has to teach you and follow me on SnapChat at "kellylorene"! 

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  1. I guess the reason I don't mind just sending pictures in texts is because I clean out my phone's photo folder religiously. Seriously, at least once a day. But I can see how this would be useful for people who don't do that (which is most people)!

  2. I am redownloading SnapChat now! No one really used it when I had it! "/

  3. Yesss!!! Get it back!! I feel like more people are using it now. I'm addicted. Haha. Don't forget to head over to Kelly's blog too!!

  4. Yeah I'm the most people that don't clear out the pictures lol!! I love the app though. Don't forget to head over to Kelly's blog for more tips!!

  5. I am the worst snapchatter in the world. I always forget!

  6. true life: the only time I think to use snapchat is after a couple of drinks, leading people to ask me if I do anything other than drinking....

  7. Lol don't worry I know you do other things. There were plenty of boat snaps!! And I know I can send you things like uga hat pics and you'll love them

  8. Haha it's OK!! I know you see them at least!!

  9. Ooo, with the text chat though, it's not necessarily gone. If you tap it once, it becomes bold. It stays there until you tap it again, UNLESS the other person tapped it too. Which is really convenient if you find that you or who you're chatting with end up missing a text, you'll know to tap it so they can see it more than once.

  10. Yes!! Good point Becca! I actually just figured that part out yesterday while chatting with a friend. She told me "you have to tap it again to make it go away" lol.

  11. I feel so old that I have never used snapchat! I am intrigued though. Thanks for the tips!

  12. I had Snapchat and never used it. Like I was the literal worst and had almost 100 unopened snaps before I deleted it. Until recently I've read and seen a bunch of bloggers start using it as a tool for the blog for readers to add and see behind the scenes, more real life aspect and I decided to try it out. We'll see how long it lasts...

  13. Love love love snapchat! So glad we're now daily snappers. ha!

  14. LOL It can be very addicting! I didn't download it until late last year but it wasn't until this year that I really got into it. now I love it!

  15. ditto!! I love it so much!! :) haha

  16. Add me and I'll follow you. I love having snap chat friends. That's the only way you can really use it. I'm @definediana

  17. gahhhh I love snap chat. It's like texting but so so much better. My friends and I use it so much. Such a fun app, and a great way to see what people are really like because you see silly moments that wouldn't share on places like Instagram.

  18. I added you!! :) I do love it, and like you said... it's a good peak into silly moments.

  19. @katirose13 you should definitely add me :)