Thursday, March 26, 2015

Get Fit with Fit Snack

Snacks. Everyone needs them. In fact, if you're trying to get or stay healthy, it's suggested to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day rather than 3 large meals. But, in a world where chips and ice creams have taken over and almonds are too expensive, how are you supposed to snack healthy? Worry no more! Now there's Fit Snack!

Fit Snack offers a healthier way to snack. 
The website says,
"Each Fit Snack box is packed with the most delicious and healthiest products on the market.  We strive to include a diverse experience of full and sample size items that are as good as they are good for you.
Every box is different - half the fun is getting the mystery box of goodies delivered to your door each month."
This is true. With the exception of one item in the box, the kids loved everything, and I loved it all. I didn't feel guilty for snacking throughout the day, and I could really notice a change in my body and the way I felt!

I think out of all of the subscription boxes I've tried lately, this one has been my favorite. I really enjoyed everything in the box. If I had the money to spend on this each month, I would definitely invest. It's something that has really helped me stay on track with getting into a healthier lifestyle.

What was in my box?

1. Level Life bar. If y'all remember from Taste Guru, these were included then too. I was able to get a bite, but Ainsley pretty much devoured this one as well. I'd say it's pretty clear that these need to be stocked in our pantry!
2. Simply 7 Snacks. These were just amazing! My box had quinoa and lentil chips. They tasted just like what you'd expect from an unhealthy chip, but of course they're better for you.
3. Complete Energy Bites. It's basically a little chocolate bite that's intended to give you a boost of energy. I liked the taste, and they actually made me feel relatively full. I didn't really feel much of a difference in my energy. According to Fit Snack, lemon flavors are coming soon. YAY!
4. Lenny & Larry's cookie. First of all, it's a monstrous cookie! I had to share with both kids. Not sure how one person could eat one cookie, but it was SO SO good! It's also jam packed with protein, so win-win!
5. Nogii Protein Powder. I LOVED THESE! I made the protein shakes in my blender with a little bit of ice, milk, and peanut butter. SO SO good. They were perfect first thing in the morning before my workout. I think these were my favorite part of the box!
6. Fit Snack Veggie Chips. OK, when I first saw "veggie chips" I thought of the sticks from wal-mart that were supposed to be veggies made into a chip. These were actual veggies!! The kids didn't really get past the apperance of being real veggies so they wouldn't even try them, but Josh and I LOVED them!
7. Fit Snack Raw Almond & Pumpkin mix. Pumpkin seeds are my favorite part about Halloween, because who doesn't love a good roasted pumpkin seed? This mix was a perfect in between meal snack to make you feel full without getting off track.
8. Sunbutter. A peanut butter not made from peanuts. (Meagan, you might want to look into this one!) It's peanut & tree nut free... made with sunflowers! It really tastes amazing. Ainsley wanted to eat it right from the package.
9. Oven Baked Organics - Pancake mix. These made really delicious pancakes. They were fluffy, delicious, and the perfect pancake!

So what's the deal with Fit Snack? It's super affordable with different subscriptions to choose from. Monthly plans are $19 + $5 S&H = $24 a month. Want to save a little money though? An annual subscription saves you 17% and gives you 3 bonus items!! Join now and you'll get a free gym bag! A $10 value! There's really nothing to lose with signing up!

Have you tried Fit Snack yet? What did you love or hate about it?

* I was given these products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 
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  1. I'll have to look into this...sounds good!

  2. Okay...this looks amazing! I have never heard of a type of "peanut butter" made with sunflowers! My parents always told me that I would eat those 5-6 small meals all the time when I was little, and it has been a habit I have kept my entire life. For me, it just seems like the best way to go, to stay fueled and energized...most of them are like a larger snack. I have never heard of this service either. Thanks for sharing, pretty lady!! xo

  3. I had never heard of it either and it tastes pretty amazing! No lie, I mix it to make a yummy protein smoothie! (I'm obsessed with smoothies!!) hahaha. you're so right though, small snacks throughout the day make you feel much better than giant meals! :)

  4. I LOVE IT!!! No joke, I would love someone to gift this for me since it's not in the budget right now hahaha.

  5. LOVE Fit Snack! I was surprised by the veggie chips as well - totally thought they would be like the *probably not good for you* chip kind. I add raw almond and pumpkin mix to my salads :)

  6. MAN, now I want roasted pumpkin seeds.

  7. they're sooooo good!!! if you bring me coffee I might share lol!!

  8. that's such a great idea! I've all but finished the seeds on their own though. lol!!

  9. Which one would you say you enjoyed better? Fit Snack or Traste Guru? They both look like they had some healthy and delicious treats.

  10. that's a great question. I think I enjoyed fit snack better just cause there was more that I absolutely loved in the box. PLUS who doesn't love a great protein shake & pancake mix? lol. I think if I were to pick a box to subscribe to it'd be fit snack. but I'd want the sour beans from taste guru to be in there too

  11. I'm obviously behind on my blog reading, but I love hearing more and more about Fit Snack! I want to try one real bad :) The treats look so good!