Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Taste Guru

Who here is trying to eat better? Probably a lot of us. With a ton of "fad diets" and the Whole 30 challenge and things like that floating around, how is one supposed to know what is right for them? Do you want to cut out sugar? What if you want to cut out carbs? It's a nightmare just trying to do the right thing for your body! Not anymore!

Say hello to Taste Guru! It's a monthly subscription where you get tasty gluten free items right to your door. Taste Guru gives you 7 to 10 items each month; all are 100% gluten free and all have a huge variety.

Now. I know what you're thinking, "gluten free? come on! I want my food to taste good still!" I worry about this too. My dad's side of the family eats only gluten free foods, and I will be 100% honest that not everything that is gluten free tastes the best. If I was asked to try this box 8 or 9 years ago I would have passed so quickly!
Such is not the case, y'all. This food is actually good. My kids my not have agreed with that on all of the items, but I enjoyed most everything.

Yes, I am being honest here. I didn't enjoy all of the items included in the box! But hey, this is life. Not everything is going to be perfect and we're not supposed to enjoy everything presented to us. Also, everyones' taste buds are different and there may be things in here that you like and I don't! So there's that.

So, what did I get in my box?

The contents:
1. Better Batter fudge brownie mix. Who doesn't love brownies? This was a great inclusion in my box this time because Josh actually prefers brownie to cake. They came out fudgy and delicious. A bonus for someone who doesn't bake that well (me). On the back of the product information sheet, there was a recipe for (extra) fudgy brownies!
2. Tea's Tea green tea. This was kind of flavorless. It really tasted only like water to me. Which is fine, but I was expecting more of a "tea" taste. If that makes sense.
3. Ipps egg white chips. Holy yum, y'all! I was all about these chips! The kids didn't like them because of the pepper flavor (I got sea salt & black pepper in the box). I loved them though. They were so light and crisp but not overly filling. I even tagged my aunt in Twitter because they eat gluten free, and I knew they'd love these!
4. Dang coconut chips. These were basically dried coconut shavings. I'm a huge coconut fan, so for me these were a grand slam out of the park win!
5. Nocciolata organic hazelnut spread. This reminded me of a lighter version of Nutella. I love Nutella, so this was a nice surprise. Very tasty on toast in the morning.
6. Swoffle Dutch treat. I didn't try this one. My oldest, Zander actually ate it. However he loved it and didn't even let me get a bite.
7. Yum Earth Natural's sour beans. These to me were like a more natural version of sour patch kids. They really looked like beans, but they were sour and tasted like a really good candy. It was a good thing I got a few when I opened the bag because the kids devoured these within 3.5 seconds!
8. (This was supposed to be) Ass Kickin'. honey roasted peanut. However, I got two things of sour beans. This was good because the kids LOVED the sour beans, and so they both were able to get their own package. My husband was very disappointed that the peanuts did not show up because when he read the description on the product information sheet included in the box, he wanted the peanuts. Bummer!
9. Mamma Chia squeeze - Mango Coconut flavor. This was not a hit in our house. Everyone got a taste of the one squeeze package. No one wanted to finish it. I'm not sure if it was the Chia seeds in the squeeze or what, but it was kind of a big statement that my kids didn't want to eat a squeeze.
10. Level Life protein snack bar. YUM! A chocolate coated protein bar with caramel inside! YES PLEASE! this was so good. I'd run the risk of eating way too much if I had a whole box!

So there y'all have it! Taste Guru! It's really easy to sign up. For $24 ($19 + $5 S&H) you can have amazing (tasty) variety in your mailbox. Happy mail day! A yearly plan is only $240 ($15 + S&H + 3 bonus items = 17% saving!) What's there to lose?

Have you ever tried a subscription food box? Are you interested in trying this one? If you use my special link to sign up, the lovely people at Taste Guru will include a free grocery tote ($10 value!) So what are you waiting for? You know you want some yummy food sent right to your door!

* I was given these products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own
(& my kids!)
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  1. So glad you were honest! Some of these sound really yummy, I may have to check them out.

  2. I really liked a lot of these. that seed juice squeeze though.... yuck! lol!

  3. Those egg white chips look delightful!

  4. omg they were SO GOOD! Surprisingly lol! ;)

  5. Oh. My. Word. I need to try this RIGHT NOW.

  6. So, I kid you not- juuust as I read the first line of 'who is trying to eat better' I was stuffing a cookie into my mouth. *slowly chews and swallows* hahah. The coconut chips sound amazing! (What in the world are sour beans?!)

  7. Bahaha this is why I love you. also, my fitness pal practically yelled at me for not eating enough today so naturally I had to finish the ice cream in the freezer, right? sour beans look like Kelly w beans but taste like sour patch kids candy. only gluten fre . so they're better. I could totally east way too many of them easily. jelly beans are my weakness. thanks, Easter Bunny

  8. do it!!! it's so amazing!! but Josh was very upset about not getting to try the peanuts

  9. Wow. So interesting. I love sour patch kids (that's always my go-to at the movie theatre) so I will have to try the Sour Beans!

  10. haha that's my go to as well! esp the ones with watermelon.

  11. My mom has a gluten allergy, so learning about this is great! Ha...love Emily's comment! :) Just the box itself looks like so much fun :)

  12. Sounds amazing!! I'll have to look into this...ummm, hello coconut chips?!?

  13. yes those were my absolute favorite!!!

  14. isn't Emily so funny?? my grandma has a gluten allergy too so it's great knowing there's tasty food out there

  15. I'm curious about this. I'm a somewhat picky eater but trying to grow my horizons. A subscription box is a great way to try out new things without being too committed. Plus if you get brownies and it's labeled as healthy I'm sold.

  16. hahaa right? healthy brownies and I'm all in. I still haven't made them yet but I'll be sure to let you know how they are

  17. I'm pretty interested in this...not sure I'd want to spend the $24 a month though...I'll have to think about it.

  18. Those brownies sound yummy! Now I feel like I need to make some.

  19. that's my hesitation. I loved most of the food, but eating better is costly these days sadly!