Friday, March 27, 2015

The Best of Conversations!

Do you ever have the days where the voices in your head just kind of take over? Just me? I kind of feel like it's been happening a lot more lately. Maybe it's because the only person I have to talk to throughout most of the day is two and her reply to everything is "Yeah, Mommy. I know."

While the plumber is fixing a leak:
I go to the kitchen to make juice for the kids... "Stupid, Melissa. The plumber just said he turned the water off!"

While stretching after a workout:
"Why is there a pile of crumbs under the dog's bed? I need to clean those up later." (guess what, I'm reminding myself of this again as I'm typing this.)

Blogging with the T.V. on in the background:
"What was that commercial even about? The song was catchy. Too bad I had to finish typing a sentence before I could look up." *I looked up for a second* "Ugh. This stupid beer commercial. I'm going back to blogging."

Watching Ridiculousness:
"Wait, people really get muscle implants? Why is that a real thing? Add this to the never ending list of crap to tell the kids not to do."

Random out loud thinking:
"I feel like I need to be planning for our Jersey trip more. It's in September but you never know."
"I need to get an ironing board. Or find something to use other than the floor."
"I cannot believe I broke my coffee pot!"

and then of course, when I'm actually talking to the kids, I feel like I'm talking to myself.
"Ainsley, the cat doesn't want to be painted. Put the paintbrush down."
"Zander, don't leave your socks in the middle of the floor. Put them in the hamper."
"Ainsley! We cannot run outside in just our underwear!"

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  1. How funny! You sound like me watching commercials!

  2. Bahaha yeah. when I'm alone I just say everything out loud. I really love the android be together commercial

  3. Bahaha thanks!! last minute conversation. lol!

  4. HAhahhaha "Ainsley, we can't run outside in our underwear!" I swear ..I've said this to a drunk friend more than once before.

  5. Oh that underwear one is hilarious! I love that! I hope your week has gone better than last week. Sending you hugs and love. I wish I had a coffee pot to send you, but I only have my Keurig...I have actually never owned a coffee pot. How crazy is that?

  6. bahaha to Ainsley's much disappointment, no. Rambo didn't appreciate the attempt

  7. haha I'm happy to bring a smile! :) Happy Friday!

  8. It's been mostly better. Now that it's the end of the week it's better :) Hugs sweet friend! We actually used to have a keurig too, but we sold it because we ended up making more than just one cup at a time. Josh takes a thermos of coffee to work with him every day, so it made sense to use the pot. I'll be checking out the thrift stores this weekend to find one. I NEED COFFEE waaahh. hahahaha.

  9. bahahaha I'm pretty sure children are very much like drunk friends. They can't walk straight, they trip, they slur their words, and they try to go outside in their underwear! HAHAHA

  10. I think even non-mamas who are around plenty of other adults have these experiences too. While reading this when you reminded yourself it reminded me that I had agreed to clean up the bathroom counter and guess who forgot again. Hopefully I'll beat anybody else home and make it seem like I did it all along. As long as I don't forget again...

  11. I'm looking at that stupid pile and thinking that I need to clean it while Ainsley watches Frozen. LOL. we can clean the little things, right? we need to. it's almost the weekend! HAHA

  12. Ha I love this. I definitely talk to myself all the time. I'm quite entertaining.

  13. that's what I tell my husband too! I'm hilarious. haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Ha! I love Ridiculousness! & that was totally gross, who gets those??

  15. LOL I didn't know they were a real thing until last night's episode. Like seriously... WHY?! JUST WORK OUT! hahahaha

  16. hahaha Those were just some of the ones that weren't THAT crazy! LOL! I'd love to hear some of yours! you should link up!

    aaand as much as I'd love to see Rambo painted, I don't want to be the one that will wash her later. lol

  17. Hahaha! This is hilarious!!!! so much like me, too!

  18. hahaha TRUE STORY this is my life for the past 5 years hahaha

  19. hahaha At least I have so many that relate!