Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Geek Fuel

People that know me really well know that I'm a lover of all thing geek. I'd love to learn klingon, elf languages, and more! This is probably why my husband and I get along so well. He never has to fight me to watch a Marvel or DC movie. (We don't discriminate in this house!). Plus, the kids proudly wear their Justice League shirts. Not to mention the fact that I still really want to be a chemistry teacher, and math is fun for me. So yes, I'm a geek and proud of it!

Imagine how excited I was when I found out about Geek Fuel!

Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription box catered to your inner geek. It's filled with collectibles, toys, gear, games, and as they say, "all things epic". Each month an exclusive T-Shirt is included. So basically each month is like Christmas for your inner geek. It's always a surprise as to what you'll get in your box! How fun is that? When mine came in the mail and my husband saw "Geek" on the box he totally opened it before I even got the chance. It's safe to say that everyone in the house was excited about it.

Here's what I got in my box:

1. The exclusive monthly shirt. I thought it was very clever... making Batman look like Pacman going after the villains. Well played, Geek Fuel, well played. Not to mention it's SUPER soft, it fit perfectly, and perfect for men or women.
2. I *heart* Retro sticker. I'm not really a big fan of stickers like this. Our car doesn't have them & we don't put them around the house, so this might just go in a drawer.
3. Green Lantern glass. Um! YES PLEASE! This is a really nice, good quality drinking glass. And who doesn't love Green Lantern?
4. Space Invaders Soap. It's green soap and it doesn't really smell like anything, but it has the Space Invaders logo stamped on it!
5. I *heart* Retro button. This will probably be going to my sister because she loves buttons like this. She puts them on her camera bag. However, if I decorated things with buttons I would totally keep it.
6. Worms. Because who doesn't need a yummy gummy snack, right? These two gummy worms looked like real earthworms, and there was a code for a FREE downloadable game! BONUS!
7. Retro Videogame Magazine. Yay for magazines, right?!

So how does one go about getting these boxes of awesomeness? Well first, go to the website. Next, choose the type of subscription you'd like. The basic one is monthly for about $24 ($17.90 + SH) a month. Good news, you can cancel anytime with this one! Or if you want more bang for your buck, there's the 3 month plan, 6 month plan, and yearly plan. Yearly is obviously the BEST value at $238.80 you get 17% off plus THREE bonus items! What? How could you not want that?

I will admit, this subscription box is 100% for fun. It's full of toys, and collectibles. But if you are a true collector, the cost of this box is a huge savings compared to going to the store and getting everything individually. The soap by itself for example, is $11.99 from what I could find from a simple google search!
If this is in your budget, and geekiness is your thing, I really think you'd enjoy Geek Fuel!
Also, If you really love me and want to sign up, you can use my unique referral code so I can start earning credit to another box. Or, not. It's whatever. I will still love y'all. Sign up anyway!

Do you have a monthly subscription box? Do you have any questions about Geek Fuel? I'd love to answer them! Or, if you've already tried them, let me know! We can gush together about how fun that one level of Lego Batman 2 was!
*I was given these products in exchange for my honest review. All Opinions are my own. 
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  1. I have never heard of this!! How much fun is this <3 That is an amazing idea, and I love that you shared this! You are so much fun :) <3 xo

  2. It was a lot of fun reviewing these products! I think the shirt was my favorite part. LOL! I'm only too happy to share geeky awesomeness with my readers!


    sorry for yelling. I got really excited.....

  4. yessss!! there's so much goodness!!

  5. Bahaha I can always tell your comments when I see the preview on gmail. so much excitement!!! and yes.. maybe it does smell like spac . that must be it! Bahaha!!

  6. I love you geekiness!! Being married to one, I appreciate fellow geeks. This sounds like a fun subscription box...need to remember this at Christmas!

  7. that would be a great gift! get the three month plan or something like that and keep the excitement going after Christmas! lol. it's seriously a very fun box.

  8. how fun! i know this subscription box thing is big right now but hadn't heard of this one! glad you found so many good items in it. is there in anyway i can get a box just to geek out over harry potter because then i'm so there :)

  9. I'm all for a Harry Potter box!! someone needs to make this happen!!

  10. This is so fun!! I'm not a big geek... but I am always a fan of Batman!!! These all look so fun and if this was my kind of thing I would think tihs is worth the money.

  11. So good to know about the math..... cause now when I need math help I know who to go to!

  12. I think if you know a guy (or gal) that loves all things gaming and geekiness, they would love this! lol

  13. bahahaha. Honestly, science (chemistry and physics) are stronger. haha

  14. YES! batman is a big favorite in this house (Zander wanted my new shirt!) lol. it was fun to review this.

  15. Josh would too. I might surprise him with it for Christmas