Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blogger Men Tell All - March Edition

It's been awhile since I've been able to get Josh to participate in the blog. However, ladies and gents! He's back! He also picked his picture, so you're welcome!

Do you like to cook? If yes, what's your favorite thing to make?
(Wife's note: when I tried to get more than a "no" I got a look and a snap back with "that is a simple yes or no question") 
OK... what's your favorite thing that I make? (I had to add this just to get something out of him!)
taco lasagna.

What's the last movie you saw in a theatre?
(after thinking for awhile)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Can you name five makeup brands?
Olay, Maybelline, I don't know is coco chanelle one? (Direct quote).
Wife's note: He doesn't pay a whole lot of attention when it comes to my makeup. I'm impressed he got the first two!

What are your biggest pet peeves?
You talking to me while I'm trying to go to sleep.
OH! and your really cold feet and how they always end up touching me!
Wife's note: both of these are accurate. 

What are your biggest goals in life right now?
Not to struggle financially! And to be able to give the kids what they want. And that's it. I really don't have any goals.
Wife's note: he's  man of few words. Good thing I do most of the talking! 

There y'all have it! He's such a great sport for participating. Love this man of mine!

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  1. haha! This made me smile :) A man of few words but by golly he did it, right?! "I don't know is coco chanelle one?" - dying!!!!!

  2. haha yes he did it. luckily I interviewed him the other night cause last night i would've gotten nothing from him lol. and yes I laughed so hard at his makeup answers!!

  3. Ha! This is about how much I would get out of my boyfriend. Also, Taco Lasagna sounds delish.

  4. lol. men of few words are still fun!! taco lasagna is amazing. it's tortilla shells as what would be the noodles, taco meat, cheese, and whatever else you want in there... salsa guacamole etc
    layer it up and bake till the cheese is gooey

  5. So funny!! Love it...I don't think there are too many guys out there who are of "many" words! Thanks for the smiles <3

  6. I loved his answers. Especially the last one "to give the kids what they want" what a guy...

  7. he definitely has his moments for sure! :) I'd say he's a keeper

  8. haha you're welcome!! I'm just impressed that he agreed to participate!

  9. TMNT is what my hubs seen last in theaters too. I think the last thing I seen was what to expect when expecting. I was preg w Kenzie & I went with my pregnant sister! LOL

  10. The last one I saw was Divergent a year ago. LOL

  11. Haha Thomas probably hates me talking to him, too! I'll be asking him later on!

  12. Short sweet and to the point, like most men! Too funny!

  13. ha glad you got him to participate! i'm also impressed with his make-up recollection and i totally do the cold feet thing to my husband too!

  14. haha so glad I'm not alone. Josh claims I can't regulate body temperatures like a normal human and he refuses to let my feet touch him lol!!