Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kids are funny. They're very much like sponges and absorb everything around them. This includes things grown ups say around them on a day to day basis. Kids also don't have a filter, so sometimes they might repeat something adults might not want them to.

Mamas Tell all || Week 3 

So this week, we're taking it back to Bill Cosby days before all of this controversy. I have a feeling some of the posts linked up this week would have been excellent material for the original show!

I had to tweet this one from Zander a few weeks ago. It was too adorable not to share. And how insightful, right?

Sometimes Ainsley will still come cuddle with me and Josh. When she does, I'll ask her, "Ainsley, are you Mommy's girl?" This almost always get's a firm "No Mommy!" with an adorable laugh. So Josh will come back with, "Well, are you Daddy's girl then?" More laughter and, "No Daddy!". So one of us will ask, "Who's girl are you then?" I'm Ainsley's girl!". So there y'all have it... my two year old daughter has decided that she's her own girl.
Proof on YouTube.
Ainsley is also very sassy and insists that she's  mini mommy. While Zander and I were throwing the frisbee, it hit him in the neck. (He was OK, but said ouch initially). Ainsley came running from the bottom of the driveway.

Ainsley: What happened Zander? (when he didn't answer her, she turned to me)
What happened, Mommy?
Me: I accidently hit Zander with the frisbee.
Zander: yeah, but I'm OK.
Ainsley: *looks at me, with her hands on her hips* No, Sir Mommy! No, Sir! We don't hit people! No, Sir Mommy!
Zander and I die with laughter.

Any of Zander's words of wisdom crack me up. For example: "Actually Mommy drinking yogurt isn't really food. It's more like a drink. Food is something like a pop tart. And that's what I want for snack today."

What funny things do your kids say? Link up with us and share!
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  1. Hilarious! "Food is something like a pop tart, speaking of which..."

  2. "I'm Ainsley's girl!" Bahaha. You go, girl! Independence! Fierce!

  3. Oh my goodness she is just adorable. I want to borrow her for a few days. :)

  4. She would have you laughing for sure. Last night she was being super sassy. Whenever I give her something ( it could be a new clean shirt) she goes " ooooohhh!!! Thank you mommy!!" But with her it sounds like "tank too mommy!!"

  5. How cute are they?! Love her independent spirit!

  6. I don't know what made her start saying it but it cracks me up!!

  7. What a little sassy thing! Her & Kenzie could totally be besties!

  8. Oooh for sure!! That "no Sir mommy" had me drying!! She cracks me up

  9. So cute. I hope she keeps that sassiness!

  10. I've been loving reading all of these kid stories this morning. Too funny. I hope Ainsley keeps that sassy indepednence and stays her own girl - that was definitely my favorite story!

  11. She cracks me up with that. She'll even say it to my mom when she asks if she's grandma's girl. Lol. And everything is "no ay-ee do it" so independent!!

  12. Thanks so much!! I'm glad you linked up!! Xoxo. Zander is our know it all and Ainsley is the sassy one

  13. Right?? I love it!! She cracks me up!!

  14. No sir Mommy! We do not hit! ahahahahaha I love it

  15. HA! I love that she got on to you for accidentally hitting him with a Frisbee. That made me laugh. Seriously they sound like a blast!

  16. These are so funny! "And that's what I want for a snack today." hahaha!

  17. hahaha they both seriously crack me up all the time! Love them!!

  18. Omg I seriously died at that! I have NO clue where she got that. Maybe from when I get onto Zander? I dunno. But even when I take her to the potty and she doesn't want to I get "no Sir mommy. No Thank you. No pee pee now".

  19. seriously the funniest thing she's ever said to me. I DIED!