Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Best Friend is the Father of my Kids

OMG, y'all do you know we're in the 5th week of Mamas Tell All? I feel like time is flying! I've been having so much fun getting to know other moms in the blog world with this linkup.

This week, we're bragging on our dudes a little bit. Talking about the Man Behind the Mama.

I feel like I've bragged on Josh quite a bit since my return to the blogging world in February. But I have every reason to. He's an amazing father and a wonderful husband. I thought because I'm sure y'all are sick of the "I'm so grateful" stuff from me I would take this a different direction and share how Josh and I actually met.
Josh and I in 2006
It was in 2006. I had quite literally just graduated high school, and really not looking for a boyfriend. Amanda can testify to the fact that I had a horrible ex. So realistically I definitely didn't need to be looking for a boyfriend even if I wanted one!

After work (at Kroger) one night, another co-worker had asked if I could take him somewhere for his birthday. He had lost his driver's license and some of his friends were throwing him a party. I thought, "why the hell not?" I didn't have anything better to do that night and now that I was 18, my mom was more forgiving if I stayed out super late. So I took him. We got there first and a group of 4 other people showed up a little later. I literally only knew the birthday boy, but it wasn't a problem for me because I can make friends with a wall.

Did I mention the birthday party was at a karaoke bar?

Yeah... I totally sang Joe Jackson's Is She Really Going Out With Him? in front of the man that would eventually be my husband. Sober mind you. I was 18 after all. It was also horrible. As someone that spent her entire life in chorus, this was by far my worst performance. I wasn't nervous or anything, I just didn't see the words moving on the screen and the song was too quiet behind me. Josh of course still laughs about this incident to this day!

The night went on with one of the guys I had never met before trying to hit on me. I completely ignored him. He's one of those guys that you can tell he's trying too hard. Not attractive. Josh on the other hand was quietly sitting in the corner. Those that know him know this isn't surprising. He was just smiling and taking it all in. Only talking when spoken to. Honestly, he and I didn't really talk at all that night. I think he was mostly laughing at the guy that was trying too hard.

After that night, we actually started chatting on MySpace. Yes. That's right, I said MySpace. I was the first to ask for his number.
The rest, as they say, is history. He actually had a girlfriend at the time and left her to be with me. I win. Now we have two beautiful children and have been happily married since 2008.
Josh and I 2015... being extremely goofy!
Tell us about your man! Husband, boyfriend, whatever! Link up with the rest of the awesome mamas below!
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  1. This is awesome! I love your story of how you met each other.

  2. haha thanks! The karaoke bar was in norcross off of Indian Trail Rd. it was so sketchy and I probably shouldn't have been allowed in since I was under 21 BUT I'm glad they let me in. Bad singing and all! hahaha.

  3. I am loving the Mamas Tell All Series! Such great topics!!
    Oooh, karaoke bars can be fun, frightening and humiliating all in one! Ha.
    MySpace!!! Is that still around? I would never be able to guess my login &
    password, but it would be fun to take a look at! I love the story of how y’all
    met!! So cute!!

  4. I'm glad you've been able to join us! I love karaoke bars. Sadly I can't get Josh into them anymore lol. I really have no idea if MySpace is still around or not but if it is I don't think I'd be able to log in. I've definitely changed my email since MySpace days!

  5. OMG the memories. I remember he brought pizza to my apartment while you were in St. Thomas and we talked about you, and to you on the phone. Because he HAD to have the BFF stamp of approval.

  6. ROFL!!I remember I was sitting poolside talking to both of y'all. Too freaking funny

  7. Aw he's the best! I love hearing about sweet husbands it makes me all fuzzy inside.

  8. Awww, loved this story so much! You know me and loving to get to know the blogger more. i would say I'm a stalker but you know .... don't want to scare ya! :)

  9. awww yay i love hearing stories about how couples met and that's a cute one! agreed that it's so not attractive when guys try too obviously made the right choice and so did he :)

  10. Ooh this is so sweet, I love hearing stories of how couples got together!

  11. "I can make friends with a wall." HAHA. My husband too.

  12. Bahaha! True story! I almost always end up talking to someone in the checkout line at the store. Lol

  13. Yeah not sure why they think that will work. Lol. We're happy. And now we have two amazing kids!

  14. Don't worry you can't scare me away by now. I've seen you rap! Bahaha!! Love you!

  15. All the feels!!! Haha!! Glad you liked it!!

  16. awwww such babies in that first picture!! And Myspace?! Ahhh!!

  17. Haha!! We were so young there! I was soo fresh out of high school. Lol.