Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cloth vs. Disposables. A Mama's Choice.

I'm so excited for today, y'all! Ashley and I have teamed up to bring you what could be a fun debate for blog land! Given that we're both Mama's to kids around the same age this topic was - what we felt like - perfect. Especially that the Mamas Tell All linkup is back up and running!
These are 100% our opinions, and we're in no way judging anyone for their choices. This is just simply what we like!

Why Ashley Prefers Cloth:
|| Money. Cloth diapering saves money.. depending on how you prefer to cloth it could save you a huge chunk! Disposables cost on average $800 a YEAR. With my older child I clothed her with a handful of cheap diapers. I spent MAYBE $150 & those diapers I still have to use on my second child when I am ready. That is a lot of cash in my pocket for other things.

|| Fluff Butt. Not only does a cloth diaper make a baby butt look super adorable it is also SAFER! Disposable diapers contain a cancer causing chemical - Dioxin.  Also, rashes happen LESS when clothed!

|| Reuse. Cloth diapers can be washed [ washing & stuffing of cloth diapers can be FUN ]  and reused for years. They can be passed on from child to child. Meaning less disposable diapers sent to the land fills. Sposies are the 3rd top things/trash that take up space in the land fills. & it takes hundreds of years for them to decompose. YUCK!

Why Melissa Prefers Disposables:
|| Convenience. Y'all, laundry has never been a favorite activity. The knowledge that there wasn't a need to wash something every single day sold me from day one. Also, y'all may not know this if you don't have kids but newborn poops are gross! I was not about that life when it came to having to wash THOSE diapers! Also, I wasn't changing as many diapers since disposables hold more pee! win-win in my book.
I have never been caught using one of these though!!
|| My Little Brothers. YES. This is a reason. You see, my mom cloth diapered my little brothers. This year my little brothers turn 10 and 12, so when they were in diapers the cloth ones available were NOT as fancy as they are now. So of course, seeing my mom go through the whole process of having to figure out how to fold the diapers, and pin them seriously turned me off to ever wanting to cloth ever.
Seriously. Who wants to figure this out? *source*

|| Leaks. No need to worry here. This goes back to the convenience thing too I suppose. Newborns are already up a million times a night as it is. In my "new mom" way of thinking, I didn't want to have to change bed sheets because of leaks in the middle of the night. I've been lucky with both kids that so far the only time we've had to change sheets in the middle of the night because of "leaks" is during potty training. That's a whole other story all together!
Ainsley is quite happy in her bed!
So where do you fall in the "great debate"? Are you pro cloth or pro disposables? We'd love to hear what you have to say!

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  1. I really really wanted to be cloth for all the reasons stated above but my little one had such a bad rash because of it so we switched back :)

  2. I actually won a year's worth of diapers while I was pregnant so that was the main reason I went with disposable, and it stuck!

  3. I've heard that being a problem with some cloth brands. that was kind of another reason I stuck with disposables

  4. that's fantastic!! how did you manage that???

  5. I've been on both sides and can't really say what was best. We had a diaper service clean our cloth diapers when we had them. It was reasonable but I have to admit that the disposable diapers are so much more convenient (worse for the environment though!). See? I can't decide. Thanks goodness that chapter of my life is over. No need to worry about that.

  6. you know I had never heard about diaper services until Tuesday of this week!! I love the idea of that but that part of my life is coming to an end as well. Ainsley is very close to being potty trained. we have pull ups for nap and bed time and otherwise she's wearing underwear. but yeah I can see where it'd be hard to pick if you had a diaper service like that

  7. My sister (the only person I know who tried cloth diapers) tried them for a while. She was trying to help the environment - I think - and they were so cute on him. She actually liked the idea of cloth diapers for a newborn more than when he started solids only because the poop was not solid. Weird, I know. I think she made it and bought the next size up from the newborn ones, but then didn't buy any new cloth diapers. She switched to disposable (I think he wore disposable at night, if I remember correctly) and hasn't looked back.

    Who knows what I will choose when it's finally time to decide that. No clue!

  8. I know people who have done cloth diapers but I personally have never changed a cloth diaper and I don't know if I would want to. I do love saving money so I would probably try it but I do like the convenience of disposables. Just so easy!

  9. Combo! I had two in diapers for a while. I needed to save money by using cloth, but there were also times I needed the convenience of disposables.

  10. That's great! I think I probably could have done both if I REALLY wanted to.. i just never made the leap. LOL. Good for you!

  11. YES. It really is easy. And from potty training experience, I DON'T LIKE CLEANING POO off of cloth things. I couldn't do it for 2 years straight. hahaha.

  12. There's so many options and opinions when it comes to kids. Everyone will tell you something different based on their experience. All I know is from experience of potty training, I don't want to clean poo off of cloth diapers for two years. I'm glad we did disposables. Sure it may have been more money, but it worked for us. We made it work anyway. Cloth is expensive at first anyway. You have to get the inserts and everything.