Saturday, November 15, 2014

Conversations With...

... My Kids
Good Morning, blog world! Surprised to see me around here on a Saturday? Yeah, me too. BUT! It's the 15th which of course means it's time to share a conversation with Amanda 
Knock on Wood
Let's set the scene. It's a weekend. It's outrageously early in the morning. Both kids have made their way into bed with me. 

Zander: Mommy, Can I play with your phone?

[I'm pretending to sleep to see how long he will let me stay in bed]

Zander: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Can I play with your phone?

Me: No, go back to bed. It's too early

Zander: But I'm already up! I want something to play with.

Me: Go play with your toys in your room.

Zander: My room is too messy. I can't find batman.

[now I'm laughing because I told him to clean his room last night and he didn't listen]

Me: well, I guess you're out of luck then.

[I feel Zander climb down and hear him go clean his room. Score 1 for Mommy!]

Ainsley: Mama!! Watch!!

[I roll over to see Ainsley now standing on the bed]
*Ainsley starts dancing and laughing*

Me: good dance Ainsley.

From there... I decided I couldn't sneak anymore sleep and it was time to make breakfast. Sigh. Life of a mom. Never getting to sleep past 7:00 ever again. I wouldn't change a thing.


  1. This post made my ovaries explode! (In a good way.) So sweet!

  2. LOL thanks so much! They're definitely something else.

  3. too cute!! love their smiles!! :) (and hey at least it's 7am - mine gets up at 5am at the moment!!!)

  4. oh there's definitely some mornings when they try to get up before the sun comes up! today they waiting until 7:30. But Ainsley came in bed at like 5 AM to sleep with daddy.

  5. Haha! He'll think twice about not cleaning his room now! (Or at least I have hopes for your sake)

  6. OK you can have them for a few hours. hahaha. I kid. they're adorable for the most part ;)

  7. HA! yeah maybe. we'll see next weekend. hahaha

  8. Such a cute picture. I love their outfits! That is great that he had to go clean up.