Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Dance For the Weekend!

Happy Saturday!! You may notice a few changes around here. Don't worry, don't panic... you're still in the right place. The lovely Amanda @ Knock On Wood has given my little corner of the internet a face lift. This is why she's so great. Shameless plug, go check out her design page.

So, Y'all, I have officially made it through one WHOLE week at my new job, and I survived! I lived to tell the tale, and yes I will be going back for more. haha. Now that everyone is starting to get more comfortable with me, the pranks and jokes are starting to become more frequent now that they know I have similar senses of humor that they do. It's absolutely been a wonderful week!

Can we talk about this video for a second though? I saw this on the news last night and I got goosebumps. I totally emailed Kerri immediately after watching and said she had to watch the video ASAP. Her reply? "AHHHH holy crap ok the hairs on my arm are standings straight up right now that video is amazing" Yes.... my sentiments exactly. Just take a moment and watch. 
I've been really proud of myself because I've been able to schedule a lot of my blog posts, but Friday Favorites with Meagan are difficult to schedule. You see, this is one of those things I actually follow the rules on and you post faves from that week. It's still this week, and therefore here we are!!
What a great week it has been!
All The Joys Friday Favorites
+ Lindsay / Bourbon, Lipstick & Stilettos. She's constantly one of my favorites. I ALMOST mentioned this post with bourbon hot chocolate, because hi, I'm Melissa and I enjoy adult beverages. However, on Friday Lindsay posted this gem about GRAMMAR!! 100% YES!!! It still shocks me that people don't get it (you're / your) ugh. Thanks for sharing Lindsay!

+ Amanda / Knock on Wood. She SANG on her blog. How awesome is she? I mean I know I say it a lot but that took GUTS! I especially love the bloopers at the end. Technically that was last week, but I did love her this week as well with what she's Thankful for.

+ Rebecca / The Adventures of Bug and Boo. Rebecca and I are both moms to very young, very strong-willed children. So when she posted A Battle of Wills, it spoke right to my heart.

+ Kasey at the Bat wrote about my favorite thing EVER! Christmas Movies!!! I mean, we're a week away from Thanksgiving! Time to start embracing that Christmas is almost here!

+ All of the Link Your Ink posts hosted by Cassie at Sage and Kaitlin at Sew my Soul. It was so much fun reading about everyone's tattoos and the stories behind them. So fun. Great link up, ladies.

What were some of your favorites this week? Tons of great ones out there!
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  1. I'm so glad you like your face-lift :) I was just really inspired and in a designing mood this week.

  2. Love your new blog design!

  3. I LOOOOOVE the new design!! So pretty :) And thank you for including my post, Melissa - I'm glad someone else knows how that feels (although I wish none of us had to ) xo

  4. thanks SO much!! It was a total surprise from Amanda. :) best thing ever!
    And YES I totally get it but I agree, I wish none of us had to. so true. lol. xoxo

  5. I LOVE THE NEW DESIGN! also. bourbon hot chocolate?! sign. me. up.

  6. thanks! *hugs!* and YES!! Lindsay has soo many bourbon recipes it's amazing. I swear I pin something of hers every week. haha. it looks SO easy to make too. :)

  7. Cute facelift! And bourbon hot chocolate sounds simply amazing. Saturday still counts to link up - thanks for joining! And here's to your awesome great job! See - everything happens for a reason :)

  8. Thanks so much! Amanda totally surprised me with the facelift. I love it!! Lindsay said the hot chocolate is super easy! Thanks for the kind words and continued encouragement!

  9. What a great design! Amanda is great. I totally loved that video. I head it on my FB on Friday.... what a great thing!

  10. They do that at Chicago hockey games too :) It's really awesome. Congrats on your first week complete and now you're already onto your 2nd!! Hope you had a great weekend!! (PS- super cute new blog look!!! It's perfect!)

  11. I love that they do that!! That's just so amazing!! Our weekend was good. Nice and quiet before the craziness of Thanksgiving hahahaha. And than you!! Amanda did an amazing job!

  12. STILL getting chills from that video!