Wednesday, November 26, 2014

They Tell Me I'm Lovely

That's right, we're starting today with a little Glee. #noshame
Y'all, I'm really feeling the love around these parts of the web lately. First, Rebecca asked me to do the blog tour. THEN, Mary-Keith nominated me for the Liebster award. And NOW, Kasey AND Tabitha have nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. When did I get to be so loved, y'all? Thanks for thinking of me, everyone! Y'all just the sweetest! xoxo

Of course, per the norm there are rules that go along with this award.
The Rules Guidelines 
>> You must display the award logo at the top of your post
>> You must thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog in your post
>> You must add these set of rules to your post so that your nominees will know what to do
>> You must add 7 facts about yourself into the post
>> You must nominate 7 other blogs and leave links to each of them in your post
>> You must let the people you have nominated know that they have been nominated
>> You must follow the person back who nominated you on Bloglovin' and GFC (if you have one)

So my seven facts. I feel like I've over-shared the randomness about me lately. I'm going to take the Kasey approach on this one and break the rules a smidge. I will only share three new random facts to prevent you from getting bored of my randomness! 

New Random fact # 1: I have legally owned a car for 12 hours before it got totaled. Can anyone beat that record? 
New Random fact # 2: I have had three jobs JUST in 2014. It does not beat my record of 4 jobs in one year (2007). Two of those I worked at the same time. 
New Random fact # 3: I enjoy watching some of the cartoons on Disney Channel, but I mostly tell people the kids are watching even when they're not in the room. 

For more random facts:
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And now for the nominees!

I thought I would break the rules here too since seven seems like an awful lot of bloggers to nominate, but surprisingly almost everyone I asked accepted. Will you pass the envelope please?
*drum roll*

Amanda / Knock On Wood
Kathy / Him & Me
Whitney / Southern Hope 
Allison / Peachfully Chic 
Lora / Heart of Life
Meagan / All the Joys
Elizabeth / Simply Complex Mom

And, Y'all. I didn't participate in Anne's Wednesday Wishes last week I couldn't miss out this week! My wish is for everyone to have an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow. I wish you much happiness with your friends and families. I wish you eat way too much and regret nothing! I love all of my wonderful readers and amazing bloggy friends. I wish only the happiness for y'all. xoxoxo
Love the Here and Now


  1. yeah for breakin' rules!! ;) I'm laughing over #3... my bf was JUST talking about this when I visited her in Indy the other weekend. We were sitting there with her daughter, the three of us watching cartoons, and when her husband walked into the room he said "Who's really watching this, you girls or Summer?" (the baby) And it was totally us. haha!

  2. hahaha they just suck you in. Sophia the first is the one that gets me. LOL. Glad I have a friend that can relate. ;)


  4. I love rule breakers! I can't believe you totaled a car just after 12 hours--that IS a record! :)

  5. So much fun! Loved reading these and learning even more...I love #3 too. I can't tell you how many times I have done this. Sleeping Beauty came on Disney recently. The girls had watched it 2-3 times, but I had not. They were out of the room, and there I was on the couch, entranced. Thank you so much for the nomination too!! <3

  6. MEE???? no way! I love you so much, you know that right? You so deserve this award too!

  7. It was the worst thing ever. I'm sure I'll have to blog about it now. hahaha.

  8. LOVE Sleeping Beauty! It's one of my faves so I don't blame you at all for getting sucked in!
    and you're so welcome! you deserve it

  9. Congrats!!!! And I think you win for having a car get totaled in the least amount of time since owning it. Sorry!

  10. yes you!! and YES WAY! ;) I do know because I love you too. You deserve it my dear. you're the best!

  11. hahaha it was such a horrible experience. total shocker. and right before Christmas last year too! I just have bad luck with used cars. lol.

  12. Congrats on winning, you deserve it! 12 hours....that's some serious time.. I think I would give up on driving I'd be so devastated

  13. thanks SO much!! <3 <3 and yes... 12 hours. it's a world record I'm sure of it. it has to be. not that anyone would want to document that crap. lol.

  14. Personally I just nominated you because I used to train llamas in 4-H and love that they are all over your blog :) I also love watching cartoons on Disney... but we have upgraded to Nickelodeon now. :)

  15. hello I love Phineas + Ferb + I don't have any children to blame it on. #noshame

  16. Yes ma'am! Mine too...our oldest has "re"discovered it! Happy Thanksgiving!! xo

  17. Thanks SO much for nominating me!! And 12 hours? Ouch. That's awful!

  18. I'm accepting this award this week, took a break for the holidays but I'm back woo!

  19. Love this! It seems there are a ton of awards going around recently but it's so great to get to know you better! And thanks again for the nod!!!! xo

  20. LOL reasoning wasn't needed. I'm thrilled you nominated me. haha.

  21. #noshame at all! Phinease and Ferb are great. I like Perry the best.

  22. it was so bad. I definitely think I need to blog about it. hahaha

  23. Glad you like it! It's so fun to get to know other bloggers better. esp the local ones! hehe <3