Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Paper Airplane

My Heart's a paper airplane.
Got a paper airplane for a heart. 
Don't need no big propeller. 
Just a breeze to get my start. 
Just a breeze to get me up there. 
Feeling good, and light, and free. 
But it's just a paper airplane. 
So, don't get rough with me. 
'Cause if you go and step on it, 
Then my heart don't fly so well. 
And if you go and step on it, 
Can I fix it? I can't tell. 
I'll try to mend it, fix it up, straighten it up... 
And then?
Wait for the next breeze of love
To send it high again. 
Copyright: Bex Photos

You know how everyone has that really old book of poetry that usually stays hidden in your sock drawer... never to see the light of day? Well, that's where this came from. 
my poetry book. complete with gel pens
Today I'm linking up with Anne for Wednesday Wishes. 
Love the Here and Now
I'm not making a wish though. I'm granting one this week. My IRL bestie Amanda wished for me to share more poetry, that's exactly what I'm doing today. 
I do also wish that y'all have a fabulous day and don't be scared to share that poetry that's been hiding!
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  1. Cute, cute poem and love the book. I have my Dad's book of poetry. What a treasure!!!!

  2. I am glad you granted Amanda's wish because I enjoy your poems too!

  3. Love this! You are so good at poetry <3

  4. I have a few notebooks of poetry & songs I have written! I may have to go through them and see if any are good enough to share. I have not wrote a poem in so long! It was my favorite thing to do in high school! You are amazing at it girl. <3

  5. do it!! I appreciate the kind words, but like with this poem I just started writing. lol. I'd love to see some of yours!!

  6. Yay! I love this poem! The metaphor is so creative. I have a notebook like this too! No gel pens though.

  7. I really like this one! I can see it being a song too... time to contact Taylor Swift!

  8. thankss!! xoxo. :) I had all the gel pens way back when. not anymore sadly. if I ever want to write in this book again though I need them. LOL.

  9. Right? I feel like they made me more of a real poet. Maybe. hahaha. Anyway, they had to be featured!

  10. I love that you are sharing more of your poetry, Melissa! (I may still use gel pens, btw)

  11. oh, I would totally still use them... if I could remember to buy them when I go to the store! haha. I'm good if I remember the T.P.! Glad y'all are enjoying the poetry.

  12. So good!! I agree with Meagan....sounds like song lyrics!!

  13. Oh! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I never knew you were a poet! I love that poem...I hope you do end up sharing more with us. And gel pens? Well duh....they make everything a masterpiece!