Saturday, February 28, 2015

Conversations with Josh

By now, I'm very positive that most of the internet has seen the stupid dress that has been trending everywhere. Thursday night was when I was first introduced (I guess is a good way to put it?) to that damn dress. When I still see glimpses of it I still see it being white and gold. That's all I'm saying about what I think about the dress color currently. However, I do think it's cool that there's a scientific explanation online about why people are seeing different colors. Maybe it could be blue and black. I dunno. It's an ugly dress anyway. Why aren't we talking about the Llamas escaping?? (That news report MADE MY DAY on Thursday).
Anyway, y'all we're here because we're linking up with Amanda for My Conversations. I brought up that dumb dress because of a conversation Josh and I had about the dress. Warning, this post is NOT PG.

Me: Babe, what color is this dress? *shows him the picture*
Josh: Blue and black. *he goes back to playing trivia crack*
Me: Shut up! No it's not! It's white and gold!
Josh: Um, no. You're wrong. It's blue and black.
Me: (because I'm SUPER mature, y'all) You're wrong. and you're a jerkface.

-- a few minutes go by and Josh has gone from Trivia Crack to checking Facebook--

Josh: WHAT THE FUCK?! What the actual fuck?! Someone CHANGED that picture. That's not the same picture that you showed me. How is that possible?!
Me: *confused* Um... what??
Me: *dying of laughter at this point* I told you it was white and gold!
Josh: No! It's not possible! Someone changed the picture. Someone changed the internet.
[he shuts off Facebook and opens it back up.]
Josh: SEE?! Now it's blue and black again. Someone CHANGED the internet! What kind of sorcery is this shit?!?!!! Someone changed the picture!!!

I spent a good part of that night laughing hysterically about how massively he was freaking out. Best thing ever.
So that's all I have to really say about the dress. I'm not going to ask what color y'all think it is, because I don't really care anymore. But if you have some funny conversations ABOUT the dress... (did you or someone you know freak out like Josh did?)

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  1. Bahahaha! I had the same thing happen to me! SWORE it was gold and white. Checked later on the saved image on MY PHONE and it was black and blue. SERIOUSLY!!! I freaked out!

  2. haha "someone changed the internet" it was really freaky. we had some panicking on the couch with my husband calling me a liar....

  3. This is awesome!! I saw it as white and gold and then it was blue and black, but mostly it is white and gold for me. I love his reaction!

  4. OH MY GOSH! YES. It changed colors for me too, and It was the strangest thing EVER. I swear I'm not on drugs !

  5. hahaha Amanda and I panicked with each other because it changed for us too. Josh was just too funny with his reaction!

  6. it was seriously priceless!! LOVED IT! hahaha

  7. soooo funny!!! The whole dress thing seriously drove me CRAZY for a few hours and I told my mom from the beginning- it's the internet and YOU CAN NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SEE ANYMORE. Something tells me maybe there are multiple pictures floating around, one of them white and gold and the other blue and black. I HAVE NO IDEA. But I'm like you, at the end of the day- who freaking cares.

  8. HAHAHAHA I love that he freaked out about it!

  9. LOL YES! Who cares indeed? I think the llamas were the best part about Thursday! BUTTTTT That's just me! hahaha.

  10. it was seriously SO funny! best freak out moment in a long time.

  11. this was a fun read! I always saw white and gold until i finally saw the "original" picture-