Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Machines, Showers, and Songs Oh My!

If you frequent my corner of the internets frequently, you probably already know that a Tuesday post from me is rare! I think the last Tuesday post here was when I was out of work. This week, I was ahead of the game though / sitting at the cool kids table because I have two posts already scheduled. (Yesterday's and tomorrow's!) So, high five / go me / I'll enjoy a beer later.

This past weekend was so jam-packed full of STUFF that I had to share. So, yes ladies and gents, you read that correctly... not only are you getting a Tuesday post this week, but you're also getting a weekend recap of sorts! I'll wait while you pick up your jaws from the floor. 

// Friday 
Typical work day for the most part, but I had my first client lunch meeting... ever! I was slightly nervous, but it ended up going really well. (Like all of my twitter followers reassured me of). I was just so out of my comfort zone it was ridiculous. I'd be very OK with never having to do that again. 

Hubby had a craving for Red Robin (yummmm). So we went as a nice little family of four for a random lunch date. Of course the closest Red Robin to us is about 45 minutes away; sometimes I don't like living so far out in the country. After lunch we met up with my mother in law to do a little shopping. She likes to spoil the kids, so they got tons of (not so much needed) new clothes. Oh well, not my money and it makes her happy. Whatever. Anyway, during our shopping trip Zander was singing silly songs he's learned from school. Thanks to him I now have had "Rain, Rain Go Away" in my head since then! I tried to ask him to sing a different song, but he's like a broken record, and he's been stuck on this song for days. Oh well, it makes me happy that he likes to sing. 

Red Robin! 

// Sunday. 
Oh Sunday... how I hated you so much. For the most part. Sunday's I usually do laundry. I try to start it as early as possible to finish the washing part as soon as possible.The folding doesn't always get done, but that's neither here nor there. I had a late start this past Sunday. Around 10 AM I heard that the washer had stopped so I went to put everything in the dryer... only, the washer was still full of water. And clothes. Fantastic. Hubby and I spent the next few hours trying to figure out the problem with the help of google and youtube. We think it might be the knob / timing switch but ultimately I had to call someone to come out and look at everything. Which was a pain in the butt... why do so many repairmen charge SO MUCH just to come in the house? I finally found a guy that didn't charge an arm and a leg to come in the house, and what we are paying to have him look at it goes towards the repair. Win win. He'll be here today at Three. Fingers crossed it's not anything too serious.

After spending way too long on the washing machine, I was left with very little time to get ready for a bridal shower. I had no clue what to wear, but once again: twitter friends to the rescue! (I think I nailed it). This is a friend from high school getting married next month. The shower was a little awkward because most of the people there were her family (aunts, grandparents, future in-laws, etc). The bridal party mostly consists of girls that never spoke to me in high school anyway, so I mostly stayed in a corner with the one bridesmaid I did talk to in high school. She happens to be the only other one in the room that is my age with two kids and married. In the end I'm glad I went and I'm looking forward to the wedding next month. Here's hoping someone read Meagan's blog about wedding tips! 
Me and the Bride-to-be! 

So how was your weekend?


  1. Goodness!!! You had quite the weekend. Our washer broke one time when I was in college - same situation- full of water and soap and clothes! We all had to wash our clothes the old fashion way- in the sink with our hands haha. Sounds like Twitter was full of lots of great suggestions! So how did the client meeting go?! :)

  2. Having a washer or dryer break - especially in the middle of a cycle - is the worst thing ever.

  3. I'm glad you had a good weekend even though we couldn't get together.