Friday, September 5, 2014

So Much Love and Proud of It

Congrats, everyone! We've managed to survive the first week of September. By now, my bestie Amanda is in Georgia and successfully unloaded her storage unit. Being the generous friend that I am, I agreed to write a guest post for her today. Sneak peak:
 You can read the full story here!

Now... on to our regularly scheduled Friday. On Fridays we spread the blog love and link up with Meagan. But, before I get into that... I must say it's definitely been a great week. I didn't have to work Monday, but I still got paid for it (Thanks, Labor Day!). I learned Ainsley has zero fear. This is both good and bad. Bad because she will jump into a pool without knowing how to swim and not care because someone will obviously catch her no matter what, right? right... obviously. I also learned that Zander can fold (and put away) his own laundry, so guess who won't be doing it anymore? That's right, this mama! #proudmama. Also, I managed to plan (and make) a wonderful healthy meal for dinner everyday this week. Does this count for super mom status?

So my favorites this week? Well here we go!

+ Christina at The Mediocre Housewife is so great y'all. Seriously, if you're not reading her on the regular- you totally need to. (Mom bloggers: I'm talking to y'all!) This week: getting toddlers to eat and what is easier than doing so. As of lately, my toddler falls into this same category and quite honestly "Herd ling cattle. On stilts. With no depth perception." would be easier than getting Ainsley to eat some days.

+ Adam from The "Florkens" had a really interesting post this week about sitting with your thoughts. Would you be able to go 15 minutes without your phone, or would you give yourself a shock instead?

+ Anne at Love the Here & Now shared ways to be happy this week. I seriously loved this, y'all because I feel like having to be an adult is hard. Life gets in the way and it's so easy to let myself be unhappy, or to let things get to me too easily.

+ Rebecca at The Adventures of Bug and Boo was one of my matches for the Blogger Match Up (Meagan was my other match!) Rebecca is seriously a wonderful person and has seriously been through a LOT in the last few weeks! I honestly don't understand how she's moved countries, with a toddler, and being pregnant, having to start brand new, and finding time to blog. She's amazing! (And this week thankful for family!... I would be too!)

+ Kendra at Kenji is Here had a beautiful post about forgiveness this week. I know I'm guilty of saying I forgive someone, but lingering on it for too long and not really forgiving. This is a reminder that needs to be read!

+ Emily from Ember Grey on changing the world. I seriously love Emily's blog, period. Each day (each week) she has something thought provoking, interesting, or funny, or all of the above. Just go read this, you won't be sorry!

+ Ash from The Grits Blog on how to tease your hair. Yes, you read that correctly: tease. I have been terrified of ever teasing my hair... ever! but Ash makes it look easy to do, and she promises you won't have the "Texas" big hair look if you do it the way you like. So, I'll have to try it now.

What were some of your favorites this week? Ever wonder how to keep all of your faves in line? Anne had some amazing blogging tips this week, too.

All The Joys Friday Favorites

This weekend I'm going to a bridal shower for one of my long time friends, Rachel. I'm super excited because I can't tell y'all the last time I had time with other girls away from the kids. I promise to update with pictures as soon as possible! Rachel is getting married in October in a big Catholic church, so I'm sure the bridal shower will be very fancy too (Sugar Hill Country Club, here I come!)


  1. Some awesome ladies you picked right there! :) & btw Keith & I will have been married 6 years Sept 20th! Cray!

  2. We had quite a few of the same ones! :) Thanks so much for the blog love & sweet words, Melissa! You know just how to make my morning!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. A see a few shared favorites this week - must be great taste ;) Thanks for the love Melissa! And I love our bloggy matches !! =) You have some new ones highlighted too so I'm off to read them now! Happy Friday!!!

  4. We shared two faves this week! I love that you liked Ashley's too about teasing your hair - let me know if you try it :) Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  5. Thank you for the blogger love! XOXO

  6. Thank you for sharing! I've read several of these, but loved the ones I hadn't seen. So good! Isn;t this a fab link-up?? I've met so many people this way and I just love it!